How to Eliminate Security Vulnerabilities of IoT Devices

IoT devices present significant security challenges. A new joint solution from CSPi and Seceon now delivers a better way to solve these commercial IoT security vulnerabilities, and even gives MSSPs an edge over the competition with a powerful, differentiated MDR and Rapid Investigative Response solution. Gartner estimates that by 2020, ... Read More

What You Need to Know About the Texas Consumer Privacy (TXCPA) and Texas Privacy Protection Acts (TXPPA)

Texas has two new consumer privacy and privacy protection bills on the horizon, and as you might expect they echo legislation we’ve already seen pass in California, Washington, and Massachusetts. Find out what you need to know about these latest proposals and how CSPi can ensure you’re fully prepared for ... Read More

Four Ways CSPi Can Help Take Your SIEM Security Solution’s Effectiveness to the Next Level

Today, SIEM security solutions remain an important part of any company’s overall security stack. Yet there are still ways to improve your SIEM’s performance and overall value – thus increasing the effectiveness of and accelerating your incident detection and response (IDR) Here, we take a look at four ways to ... Read More

Why the Wendy’s Data Breach Settlement may be the Worst One Yet… And how the FTC may be Expanding its Breach Governance Approach

In September 2018, Wendy’s settled class-action lawsuits brought by financial institutions and customers whose personal information was compromised by a data breach that impacted 1,000+ of the restaurant chain’s locations. The settlements totaled over $50M, surpassing the payments resulting from the Target and Home Depot breaches. Since federal Investigators were ... Read More

What is the Massachusetts Data Breach Notification Law, and How Should You Prepare for It?

Massachusetts recently created some big changes to its data breach notification law, and it’s imperative that every company knows how to fully comply with it before it comes into effect on April 11, 2019. Learning about it and preparing for it could potentially save you from many headaches and legal ... Read More

A Look at Cyber-Security Spending in 2019: Where Budgets are Increasing and Why

Security spending is up in 2019 — way up. Find out what is driving increased investment among business and IT leaders and why, and how your business priorities compare. Last month Dark Reading published a round up of 2019 cyber-security spending outlooks from the likes of Gartner, Forrester, and InformationWeek.1 ... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About a New Canada Data Breach Notification Law—and How CSPi Can Help Improve Compliance

Canada recently created a new data breach notification law, one that requires businesses to record all breach information and notify the appropriate authorities as well as those affected. This blog gives you all the details you need to know—even if you’re not a Canadian company or currently doing business in ... Read More

A Revolutionary Approach to HIPAA Compliance

Learn more about CSPi’s innovative security and HIPAA compliance solutions at the HIMSS19 Global Conference & Exhibition, February 10-15 in Orlando, FL. A Revolutionary Approach to HIPAA Compliance We all know that meeting the requirements set forth in the HIPAA compliance policy is mandatory for any healthcare, medical records, insurance, ... Read More

Five Best Practices to Achieving a Secure DevOps Model

The first article in our two-part series introduced the concept of a “whole brain” approach to achieving secure DevOps. This article continues the discussion by taking a closer look at the five best practices every organization should implement to achieve a secure DevOps model. Designing a “whole brain” approach to ... Read More

2018 in Review: The Top Four Takeaways in Security

Our last blog of 2018 takes a closer look at four critical security developments and trends … and how we can apply to improve security and compliance in 2019. Whether you’re looking for a better way to manage the inevitable breach, comply with an increasingly complex landscape of data privacy ... Read More