Prevent Compliance Failures With Complete Content Auditability

Prevent Compliance Failures With Complete Content Auditability

The main goal of your secure content sharing channel is to protect your IP, PII, PHI, and other sensitive information. It is critical that you have complete confidence in this outcome. Moreover, the modern CISO must provide proof of protection to internal auditors, to government regulators, and in many cases ... Read More
Avoid data breaches with a secure inner perimeter around your most valuable digital assets

Avoid Data Breaches With a Secure Inner Perimeter Around Your Digital Assets

Your secure content communication channel must control every file saved and retrieved from every enterprise content repository to provide complete protection against a breach. Global data security, governance, and visibility require uniform access control, policy enforcement and monitoring of all content repositories across the extended enterprise. Unfortunately, large global organizations ... Read More
Make Secure Content Access Easy to Eliminate Shadow IT

Eliminate Shadow IT with Secure Content Access That Doesn’t Slow Workflows

Securing sensitive data cannot sacrifice the simplicity of sharing it, otherwise users will circumvent the security. Users expect easy online access to the sensitive information they need to get work done. For them, the cloud is a panacea and a privilege. For CISOs, the cloud is a double-edged sword. Every ... Read More
Balance Privacy with Transparency

Balance Content Security and Content Access With Granular Governance

Every CISO knows that you can’t have privacy without security, however, you can have security without privacy. Multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and threat protection defend against external threats, but they do nothing to ensure sensitive content is handled correctly by authorized users. While users across your extended enterprise expect easy ... Read More
Enable Employee Workflows While Preventing Data Breaches

Enable Employee Workflows While Preventing Costly Data Breaches

User apps, such as email and file sharing, define an external perimeter where content enters and exits your organization. Enterprise apps and storage repositories define an internal perimeter around your most sensitive and valuable content. Access through these perimeters should be both simple and secure to ensure seamless workflows across ... Read More
Visibility - Begin With the End in Mind

Protect Your IP With Complete Visibility Into Every Sensitive File Exchange

What if you could see every exchange of sensitive content between your organization and your customers, your vendors, your partners, your attorneys, your investors, and all other external parties? Where is it going to? Where is it coming from? Who is sending it? Who is receiving it? How sensitive is ... Read More
Protect Sensitive Content but Make it Easy to Share

Six Principles for Securing Sensitive Enterprise Content in a Hyper-Connected World

To succeed in today’s hyper-connected world, businesses, governments and NGOs must enable easy online collaboration across the extended enterprise. Employees, suppliers, partners, investors, customers, doctors, patients, constituents and other stakeholders expect smooth online workflows enabled by simple, easy sharing of digital content—even when that information is highly confidential. Hospitals must ... Read More
Each file transfer trace contributes a thread

Build a Holistic, Proactive Defense Around Your Business Workflows

Complete protection against external workflow threats requires a holistic defense that spans the entire threat surface. Every external file transfer must be routed through a secure conduit that extends across the entire file transfer path from authorized employee to secure content repository to secure sharing application to authorized external party ... Read More
Deny Attackers From Gaining a Foothold Onto the Threat Surface

Keep Malicious Actors Out of Your Private Business Workflows

External file threats introduce a malicious file into the organization under the guise of an everyday workflow, generally with the help of an end user. A phishing email with a malicious attachment presents a classic example, but it is far from being the only available attack vector. Every potential entrance ... Read More
On-premise or private cloud repositories are best suited for protecting IP

Preserve IP and PII With Dynamic Governance Over External Workflows

Internal file threats entail a breach of sensitive information from secure content stores to unauthorized third parties. To prevent them, you must ensure that all sensitive files are saved to the correct repository, and then tightly control who, when and how files can be retrieved. Assuming you have shrunk the ... Read More