Enable SSO and MFA for Oracle PeopleSoft with Microsoft Entra ID (O365; Azure AD) via Datawiza

How to Meet Cyber Insurance MFA Requirements for Non-Standard but Critical Apps – In Minutes

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The successful attack on Twilio reminds us that cyberattacks, especially in the form of ransomware, continue to soar, leading to significant costs and brand damage. For many CEOs, their worst nightmare is seeing the company logo emblazoned on a Wall Street Journal article about a large ransomware payout or a ... Read More
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Should You Build or Buy B2B SaaS SSO?

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Don’t struggle to build this critical capability only to find you don’t support your potential customers’ identity platform of choice. Datawiza offers a No-Code approach to supporting every identity solution. If you’re selling your SaaS application to businesses, you’ve got to see security through the eyes of your customers. Sure, you’re doing ... Read More