BlackCloak: How Bad Actors Target You via Data Brokers

Navigating the Digital Shadows: How Bad Actors Leverage Data Brokers to Target You

With the unprecedented surge in digital technology, data has become the lifeblood of the modern world. However, our increasing digital footprints have given rise to a burgeoning industry known as data brokerage, which has become a playground for cybercriminals. Let’s delve into what data brokers are, how they operate, and ... Read More

Breaking the Harassment Chain: New Legislation is Empowering Citizens

Doxxing poses a severe threat to its victims, leading to harassment campaigns that can damage businesses, inflict psychological harm, or even endanger lives. Historically, few options existed for victims seeking damages after a doxxing incident. However, the landscape is slowly changing. A new Illinois law will soon empower citizens to ... Read More

Taking Back Control: California’s SB 362 and the Fight Against Reckless Data Brokerage

Data brokers are a direct threat to our personal cybersecurity and privacy. They recklessly sell our personal information with very little oversight. They collect extensive information from public records on every person – name, address, number, email, age, relationships, social media accounts, etc. This can be used in scams, identity ... Read More
BlackCloak: What is Digital Executive Protection

We Are Digital Executive Protection

Technology is now ubiquitous and the risk of digital threats has escalated exponentially, requiring us to reassess our understanding of protection and security. It’s no longer limited to physical security; it has expanded into the digital universe, creating the necessity for a concept that we at BlackCloak call “Digital Executive ... Read More
BlackCloak: Why We Started BlackCloak

Protecting Personal Digital Lives: Why We Started BlackCloak

Every groundbreaking company starts with a vision, a pain point, an unfulfilled need. For us at BlackCloak, it was the escalating harm and anguish inflicted by cybercriminals on high profile individuals. Our journey to create BlackCloak was motivated by a void in personal cybersecurity, a glaring gap in digital executive ... Read More

External Cybersecurity for Executives: A Practical Guide

The closely-connected nature of executives and their corporations means many CEOs are already the established targets of cybercriminals seeking access to corporate assets. When it comes to executive cybersecurity, it often is not a matter of whether an attack occurs, but when. This is a significant concern for the safety, ... Read More

Password Management: Why the Cybersecurity Community is Sending the Wrong Message to Consumers

In recent months, the password manager industry has taken a significant cyber hit. In December 2022, one of the world’s most popular password managers, LastPass, notified its customers of a massive breach that exposed customer data and put their password vaults at risk if weak passwords were used. Less than ... Read More

Digital Executive Protection: A Deep Dive

In an earlier post, we explored “What is Digital Executive Protection?” In simple terms: “Digital Executive Protection is the identification, protection, and remediation of cybersecurity and privacy risks that exist in the personal life of the executive and their family . . . it includes their private information, personal devices, ... Read More
What is It? - Digital Executive Protection (Personal Cybersecurity for Your Executives)

What is It? – Digital Executive Protection (Personal Cybersecurity for Your Executives)

Corporate-level executives have always required an increased level of care and security simply due to the power they hold – company data and secrets, information that could change markets, and because what they say or do can change the direction of the business itself.  As Spiderman’s Uncle Ben said, “with ... Read More

Should Chief Security Officers Bare Responsibility for Digital Executive Protection?

Physical threats against executives are on the rise. Intensified by unprecedented societal tension, pandemic fatigue, and the economic crisis, corporate leaders are being confronted and assaulted, their vehicles vandalized, and homes invaded. Often perpetrated by disgruntled employees or other bad actors, these threats are very real. According to the 2021 ... Read More