insider threat best practice

Insider Threat Best Practice – without the need for an SIEM solution

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With so much news focusing on external attacks, one of the greatest threats to your organization’s data security, revenue, and reputation is insider threats. Insiders – employees with access to data that is externally valuable – are responsible for 28% of all data breaches. While 28% may not seem as ... Read More
file monitoring software

New distribution agreement for the Netherlands

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Dutch organizations set to benefit from enhanced file auditing to protect against data breaches. Global cybersecurity vendor IS Decisions today announces an exclusive distribution agreement with NVB ICT DIENSTEN, an ICT specialist, to deliver its security solution FileAudit across the Netherlands. FileAudit is a comprehensive file monitoring tool that enables ... Read More
What lessons can companies learn from getting breached?

What lessons can companies learn from getting breached?

| | IT Security
In a sense, getting stung can be the key to taking notice — and maybe that’s a blessing in disguise. IT security is a topic often seen as solely the IT department’s concern. For management, the means taken to protect the company from cyber-crime can often be viewed as an ... Read More
Cybersecurity advice for Higher Education

Cybersecurity advice for Higher Education

Information security continues to challenge both large and small institutions alike. According to EDUCAUSE, a nonprofit association of IT leaders in higher education, information security remains the #1 issue in 2018 for the third year in a row. Perhaps this is not a surprise when you learn the education sector ... Read More
Avoid data breaches

Taking a Proactive Approach to Avoid Data Breaches

It seems like IT’s general approach to any kind of attack – which includes data breaches – is a reactive one. Think about it, in every kind of attack-related scenario – whether an external attack, an insider threat, malware infection, ransomware attack, etc. – the “business as usual” methodology is ... Read More
Data Breaches Detected

How are Data Breaches Detected

Sometimes the challenge with data breaches is to know they ever happened at all. Take these examples from the 2017 headlines: Company Breach Discovered Breach Occurred Verifone January 2017 mid-2016 Brooks Brothers May 2017 April 2016 – March 2017 California Association of Realtors July 2017 March – May 2017 Forever ... Read More
helping organizations ensure regulatory compliance

Does Meeting Compliance Include File Servers?

Those of you reading this are likely working in industries with compliance mandates around protecting specific data types from misuse. And, like most businesses today, you’re probably using some kind of industry-specific set of applications that host that data – a health information management system in a healthcare setting, for ... Read More
userlock active directory user login history

Active Directory User Login History – Audit all Successful and Failed Logon Attempts

| | IT Security
The ability to collect, manage and analyze logs of login events has always been a good source of troubleshooting and diagnostic information. Logons are the one common activity across nearly all attack patterns. They provide one of the clearest indicators of compromise to help protect company data and thwart attacks ... Read More
putting a stop to password sharing

UK politician password-sharing — maybe the security industry has been giving out the wrong advice?

| | IT Security
A few days ago, a news story broke saying that many of the UK’s political leaders have been publicly (and almost proudly) proclaiming their own particularly poor passwords habits on Twitter. MP Nadine Dorries admits she regularly shouts the question “What is my password?” across the office, and after her ... Read More
This far, no further!

Permissions, Accounts or Logons. Where do you draw the line in Least Privilege?

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Captain Picard (from Star Trek: The Next Generation) has been known to produce some pretty memorable quotes. One such quote comes from an episode where the Federation is fighting the Borg, with Captain Picard saying (in reference to where they must fight the Borg), “The line must be drawn here! ... Read More