Better Security + More Efficient Ops with a Unified Approach to AppSec

As the demands of both modern applications and complex threat landscapes have continued to increase, many organizations have been forced to adopt an ever-growing list of new, specialized security tools in an attempt to keep pace. This often includes a mixture of WAFs, anti-bot tools, DDoS prevention, behavioral and analytics ... Read More

Detect & Prevent Newly Observed Malicious Automation Attacks

Just when you think you are one step ahead of hackers, they prove you wrong and set you four steps back. Hackers continue to find new and more devious ways of finding web app vulnerabilities and exploiting them. One such tactic is leveraging malicious bots and automation, which has grown ... Read More
Top 4 Malicious Automation Attacks & How to Detect Them

Top 4 Malicious Automation Attacks & How to Detect Them

We first introduced malicious automation in Part I of this blog series. We shared how malicious automation is becoming a common element of the threat landscape for organizations in nearly every vertical. In Part II of this series, we want to dive into the top 4 types of malicious automation ... Read More
2019 Application Security Priorities - Stats & Trends

2019 Application Security Priorities – Stats & Trends

Application security never fails to keep us on our toes. Between the continuous evolution of application frameworks and integrations, and the advancement of human and automated attackers, security teams must always be braced for change and new challenges. On a similar vein, if the trends from 2018 continue, web application ... Read More