"Cloud Storage Acquisition from Endpoint Devices"

“Cloud Storage Acquisition from Endpoint Devices”

Over the past several years, multiple tools have been released to enable API-based collection of cloud storage data. While this is an important capability, it has the often fatal liability that API-based collections require valid user credentials (and multi-factor authentication). An often overlooked area of cloud forensics is data and ... Read More
"Finding Registry Malware Persistence with RECmd"

“Finding Registry Malware Persistence with RECmd”

  If you have been keeping your forensic toolkit up to date, you have undoubtedly used Registry Explorer, a game-changing tool for performing Windows registry analysis. RECmd is the command line component of Registry Explorer and opens up a remarkable capability to script and automate registry data collection. My interest ... Read More
"Offline Autoruns Revisited - Auditing Malware Persistence"

“Offline Autoruns Revisited – Auditing Malware Persistence”

I was digging through the archives recently and stumbled upon my old post, Autoruns and Dead Computer Forensics. Autoruns is an indispensable tool from Sysinternals that extracts data from hundreds of potential auto-start extensibility points (ASEPs), a fancy Microsoft term for locations that can grant persistence to malicious code. We ... Read More
"Investigating WMI Attacks"

“Investigating WMI Attacks”

  WMI as an attack vector is not new. It has been used to aid attacks within Microsoft networks since its invention. However, it has been increasingly weaponized in recent years, largely due to its small forensic footprint. In a world of greater enterprise visibility and advanced endpoint protection, blending ... Read More