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Zero-Trust: How SOC 2 Compliance Can Help

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has released the first in a series of research summaries culled from a survey about the adoption of so-called zero-trust cybersecurity principles. The results of that survey indicated that achieving and sustaining SOC 2 compliance can help ease, speed and spread adoption of zero-trust across ... Read More
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SOC 2 Controls: Regular User Access Reviews

This SOC 2 control focuses on ensuring your company regularly reviews who has access to critical IT infrastructure. For this control, your company must log these reviews and take any actions to resolve any access issues discovered during a review. There are many ways to word such a control, and ... Read More

SOC 2 Compliance Controls and Business Policies: A Critical Connection

SOC 2 compliance makes your business more trustworthy and competitive, demonstrating that it protects its customers and proprietary business information. Controls describe the policies, procedures, and processes your business needs to achieve compliance. Alignment of SOC 2 controls and the operational policies of your business are critical for compliance and ... Read More

SOC 2 Controls: Access Removal for Terminated or Transferred Users

This SOC 2 control focuses on ensuring the timely removal of access rights from users who have been terminated and those who have been transferred to new roles. The control also stipulates that removal or revision of access rights takes place in a timely fashion, typically within one business day, ... Read More