Simple Fuzzing

Fuzz Testing

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If you have a brand new piece of software, a program, a network, or an operating system, you will want to test it for any bugs, coding errors or other potential issues before it goes live. Fuzzing is a great way to do so. It’s also a good method to ... Read More

Still SMiShing You – SMS Scams.

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Have you ever gotten a strange text message on your phone that you don’t recognize? Well, be careful because you don’t have to use a computer to be vulnerable to online scammers. More and more, cell phones and other mobile devices are being targeted with a type of spam that ... Read More

Why are software updates important?

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We have all seen the alert that “updates are available,” or “software update needed.” How often have we just clicked “cancel” because it pops up at an inconvenient time? More often than not, you’ll probably put off downloading the latest updates for your computer until the next day, week, or ... Read More