Original DoppePaymer TOR Site…before they called it DopplePaymer

The Marriage of Data Exfiltration and Ransomware

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The Media’s portrayal of cyber criminals

How the Ransomware Economy Has Grown

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Phantom Incident Scam Threatens Release of Corporate PII

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Ransomware Amounts Paid Daily in Q3 2019.png

Ransomware Payments Rise as Public Sector is Targeted, New Variants Enter the Market

Coveware’s Q3 2019 report aggregates ransomware statistics such as average demands, data recovery rates, and network attack vectors ... Read More

Ransomware Sentiment After a Summer of Headlines

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Ransomware data guide.

A Consumer’s Guide to Protecting Important Data From Ransomware

A guide for consumers that will help prevent data loss from ransomware or other threats. Follow this guide to ensure your data is preserved! ... Read More
Ransomware amounts paid daily during Q2 2019

Ransomware Amounts Rise 3x in Q2 as Ryuk & Sodinokibi Spread

Coveware’s Q2 2019 Ransomware Marketplace report aggregates statistics such as cyber extortion demands, ransomware data recovery rates, and network attack vectors from ransomware attacks ... Read More
Sodinokibi  Ransom Note

Sodinokibi Ransomware Poised to Impact Larger Enterprises

Sodinokibi Ransomware borrows TOR site features of GandCrab, and the large demands of Ryuk. Read our review to understand this new threat ... Read More

Sunlight for the Ransomware Data Recovery Industry

Dishonest data recovery firms are under scrutiny after recent reports exposed some deceptive business practices ... Read More