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Dharma ransomware recovery rates fall as ransom demands skyrocket

Dharma Ransomware is increasingly falling into the hands of less sophisticated threat actor groups. This has led to decreased recovery rates for victims ... Read More
Diamond Model

Ryuk Ransomware, Exploring the Technical and Human Connections

Coveware teamed up with McAfee ATR to analyze both technical and non-technical aspects of Ryuk Ransomware attacks ... Read More
Clean up set wipes out the line up

Ransomware attack on MSPs exploits popular PSA/RMM Tool

Managed Service Providers have been attacked by ransomware that exploits their PSA/RMM tools and spreads GandCrab Ransomware. Learn more -> ... Read More
GandCrab Dark & Light Schemes

Ransomware Evolution: GandCrab v5.1 New Exploit Kit Distribution and TOR Site Features

| | Ransomware Removal
A Coveware™ guide on the new ways GandCrab v5.1 ransomware attacks, how to use the decryption tool, and recover your data ... Read More
Visitors to xDedic were dispayed with the above image after the take down

xDedic – Marketplace for Hacked RDP Credentials is Taken Down

In a coordinated action, international law enforcement agencies took down xDedic, a marketplace for buying and selling hacked RDP and server credentials. Read about how this take down will affect ransomware attacks in the future ... Read More
Prudent Security Admin Data Breach

Prudent Security Admin: Has a New Data Breach Precedent Been Created?

A recent ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has the potential to usher in a new era of data breach litigation and set a new legal precedent for cybersecurity negligence and liability. In Dittman v. UPMC, a group of current and former employees sued the hospital after their data was ... Read More
Security Boulevard
Phobos Ransomware Note is similar to a Dharma Note

Phobos Ransomware Distributed by Dharma Crew

New Phobos Ransomware is being distributed by an active Dharma crew. The attacks target RDP and use similar extortion tactics on victims. Learn more about this new threat ... Read More
SamSam Ransomware Note

What Is SamSam Ransomware and How to Recover and Remove It [Guide]

Remove & Recover from SamSam ransomware ASAP. Protect your business and recover your files. Contact Coveware™ for a free consultation right now ... Read More

Don’t Become a Ransomware Target

Ransomware attacks via remote access are on the rise. Secure RDP now to protect your business. Coveware shares insights from helping ransomware victims ... Read More
Cryptomix Ransom Note (email addresses & ID have been redacted)

CryptoMix Ransomware Exploits Crowdfunding Sites for Child Cancer Treatment

A recent CryptoMix Ransomware campaign is exploiting real crowdfunding sites set up to benefit children’s cancer treatment ... Read More