Securing Web Applications with Comprehensive Threat Detection

Web applications are everywhere. In many ways, particularly in today’s world of remote work, they are the cornerstone of daily business operations. However, web apps are the most frequently attacked assets in an IT environment and present some of the greatest security challenges. So, how do you go about addressing ... Read More
September 2020 Alert Logic MDR Innovations

Staying the Course Delivering on the Promise of MDR

Alert Logic announces a number of valuable new features and capabilities for its industry-leading managed detection and response (MDR) platform ... Read More

The Benefits of Giving Up a Little Control over Cybersecurity

The COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown of businesses has forced families to embrace new processes. There are lessons in the Coronavirus quarantine for businesses in terms of giving up control to achieve desired outcomes ... Read More

With MDR, One Size Does Not Fit All

The network infrastructure and assets a company needs to protect vary in importance to the business and in exposure to risk. Effective managed detection and response (MDR) can't be a one size fits all approach ... Read More

Somewhere Along the Way, the Market Forgot about Better Security Outcomes

Cybersecurity tools need expert skills and cybersecurity services need solid tools and platforms. In the end, though, cybersecurity is not a measure of tools or services--it's a function of achieving the best security outcomes ... Read More