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Microsoft and Banyan Security: Joining Forces at Black Hat 2023 (Booth #1740)

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Banyan Security continues to add valuable integrations into Microsoft’s suite of products including Azure, Entra ID, Microsoft 365 (formerly 0ffice 365) and much more. As a Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) partner, Banyan has been invited to the Microsoft booth at Black Hat USA in August 2023 and will be ... Read More

Announcing the Banyan Security Device-Centric SSE Solution

It’s widely recognized that change is a universal constant and nowhere has that been more apparent than in the dramatic changes we’ve seen over the last few years in the composition, complexity, and potential of the modern workforce. We now take for granted that our workforce needs to be able ... Read More
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Remote Work Lessons Learned

To say that the world was unprepared for what happened in March of 2020 would be a gross understatement. Nobody needs a reminder of the seismic changes that the coronavirus pandemic introduced. Large enterprises were caught off guard, to be sure. But many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which typically ... Read More
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The Cloud Can be a Dangerous Place. Are Your Public Cloud Workloads Safe?

Enterprises have changed the way they interact with data and where their workloads reside. Approximately a decade ago, enterprises directly owned and housed servers that IT personnel maintained. These servers sat in data centers protected by multiple security controls around a well-defined perimeter. All that... The post The Cloud Can ... Read More
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Cybersecurity Statistics for 2019: The Chances Your Business Will Be Attacked

With every passing year, cybercrime gets worse. It makes sense: it’s lucrative. Cybercrime is estimated to be a $1.5 trillion industry, with some countries now basing their economy around cybercrime. As a result, cybercriminals are now emboldened with new technology that makes data breach attacks... The post Cybersecurity Statistics for ... Read More