Ben Faircloth, Author at Security Boulevard

Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities

When dealing with cyber vulnerabilities, there are lots of threats that are unknown and ever changing that can put users at risk. We often hear about the latest zero-day to wreak havoc with its clever name. But not all threats come from unexpected sources. Many originate through ancillary software dependencies ... Read More

Security Misconfigurations

The configuration of web and application servers is a very important aspect of web applications. Often times, failure to manage proper configurations can lead to a wide variety of security vulnerabilities within servers and environments. When these configurations are not properly addressed or ignored, the overall security posture can suffer ... Read More

Network Check Ups

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Most people know that taking care of your personal health is important. We get regular check ups and try to keep ourselves as healthy and free of potential risks as best we can. During these check ups, a doctor will typically tell us about important health concerns, and recommendations to ... Read More

Defending the Wall: Strong Passwords

Strong passwords are an important part of maintaining accounts and of any organization’s security infrastructure. They are the first line of defense that separates the access of sensitive and confidential information from those who are permitted to view it and those who would do harm with it. Having good password ... Read More

Social Engineering – Why hack it, when people are just giving away their information!

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In today’s technologically driven society, more and more criminals have turned to cyber crime as a means to steal information and intrude on other people’s privacy. These cyber criminals are often thought of as being computer masterminds who know all kinds of backdoors and secret channels to steal information and ... Read More