Veracode Research Email Validation Protocols DrDoS

On Abusing Email Validation Protocols for Distributed Reflective Denial of Service

Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are still very much in vogue with cybercriminals. They are used for extortion attempts, to attack competitors or detractors, as an ideological statement, as a service for hire, or simply “for teh lulz.” As anti-DoS methods become more sophisticated so do the DoS techniques, becoming ... Read More
More Than Tor: Deep Dive Into the Dark Web with Ben Brown Veracode

Beyond Tor: Examining the Uncharted Corners of the Dark Web

Discussions about the darknet or dark web are typically centered around the Tor network, and the data from breaches, password dumps, and hacked emails that can be found there. There is little focus or discussion about the other extant darknet frameworks, and the fact that the dark web is actually ... Read More