Why 'identity is the new perimeter' by Byron Acohido

Preempt stakes out turf as supplier of ‘Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment’ technology

Defending modern business networks continues to rise in complexity seemingly minute by minute. Perimeter defenses are woefully inadequate, and traditional tactics, like blacklisting and malware detection, are proving to be increasingly ineffective. Protecting business networks today requires a framework of defenses. Leading tech research firm Gartner has even contrived a ... Read More
Applying advanced AI to cybersecurity by Byron Acohido

Q&A: How Deep Instinct uses ‘deep learning’ to detect unknown malware on laptops, smartphones

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Deep Instinct was one of the more intriguing cybersecurity vendors I had the privilege of spending some time with at RSA Conference 2018. The Tel Aviv, Israel – based company lays claims to being the first to apply “deep learning” to a truly innovative protection system that extends machine learning ... Read More
Richard Lloyd discusses Google You Owe Us on The Victoria Derbyshire Show

Can Cisco, FBI stop Russia from deploying VPNFilter to interfere with U.S. elections?

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KINGSTON, WA – NewsWrap 23May2018. Cisco’s Talos cyber intelligence unit today said that it has high confidence that the Russian government is behind the campaign, dubbed VPNFilter, to launch destructive attacks on Ukraine. Related article: How Russian bots supported Nunes memo Talos researchers disclosed that VPNFilter has : •Infected 500,000 ... Read More
GUEST ESSAY: DHS tackles supply-chain issues over malware-laden smartphones

GUEST ESSAY: DHS tackles supply-chain issues over malware-laden smartphones

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At the Black Hat security conference last August, researchers from the security firm Kryptowire announced that they’d discovered Amazon’s #1-selling unlocked Android phone, the BLU R1 HD, was sending Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to servers in China. The culprit was a piece of firmware update software created by AdUps Technologies, ... Read More
Homomorphic-like encryption ready for prime time by Byron Acohido

Advanced encryption that locks down ‘underlying data’ arrives to support ‘digital transformation’

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Encrypting data kept in storage (data at rest) as well as data as it is being transported from one server to another (data in transit) has become a standard business practice. Yet there remains a singular security gap in the way companies collect, store, access and analyze business data, both ... Read More
Cloud privileged account flaws exposed by Byron Acohido

CyberArk shows how ‘shadow admins’ can be created in cloud environments

There’s little doubt “digital transformation” is here to stay. And it is equally clear that just about all of the fundamental network vulnerabilities we already know about will escalate, in lockstep, with any benefits accrued. It turns out that speeding up tech innovation cuts both ways. Related article: How safeguarding ... Read More
GUEST ESSAY:  The Facebook factor: Zuckerberg’s mea culpa reveals intolerable privacy practices

GUEST ESSAY: The Facebook factor: Zuckerberg’s mea culpa reveals intolerable privacy practices

In the words of the Nobel Prize writer Bob Dylan, “The times, they are a-changin.’” Revelations in the press about Facebook’s current privacy problems, and a new comprehensive European Union privacy framework that impacts American businesses, may be changing the climate towards more data privacy regulations by United States lawmakers ... Read More
GUEST ESSAY: How data science and cybersecurity will secure ‘digital transformation’

GUEST ESSAY: How data science and cybersecurity will secure ‘digital transformation’

In today’s environment of rapid-fire technical innovation, data science and cybersecurity not only share much in common, it can be argued that they have an important symbiotic relationship. A fundamental understanding of the distinctions – and similarities – of these two fields is good to have. Both must flourish separately ... Read More
The progression of antivirus software by Byron Acohido

Why antivirus has endured as a primary layer of defense — 30 years into the cat vs. mouse chase

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Antivirus software, also known as antimalware, has come a long, long way since it was born in the late 1980’s to combat then nascent computer viruses during a time when a minority of families had a home computer. One notable company’s journey in the space started in 1987 when three ... Read More
Distributed Denial of Service primer by Byron Acohido

MY TAKE: Why DDoS attacks continue to escalate — and how businesses need to respond

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Law enforcement’s big win last month dismantling ‘Webstresser,’ an online shopping plaza set up to cater to anyone wishing to purchase commoditized DDoS attack services, was a stark reminder of the ever present threat posed by Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Related video: How DDoS attacks leverage the Internet’s DNA ... Read More