Fran Rosch, Chief Executive Officer

2023: Perspectives from the ForgeRock C-Suite

Predictions on insider threats, passwordless authentication, artificial intelligence, and more Few industries move as quickly as cybersecurity, broadly, and the identity and access management (IAM) segment, specifically. There is a constant barrage of novel threats that can lead to costly breaches — and innovative, new ways to combat them. Seismic ... Read More
2022 ForgeRock Consumer Identity Breach Report

It’s Time for Stolen Passwords to Become a Problem of the Past

The 2022 ForgeRock Consumer Identity Breach Report shows that identity-based breaches are up. Again. More stolen credentials, more unauthorized access, more breaches, more, more, more Would it surprise you to know that breaches due to unauthorized access rose last year? Probably not, but I'll spare you the suspense: they did, ... Read More

Forrester Study Shows How You Can Save Millions with ForgeRock CIAM

Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Study Confirms a 186% ROI. Can you afford not to look at the economics of your CIAM strategy? To say that an organization's identity and access management strategy is important to its business is somewhere between a major understatement and a massive one. Most businesses ... Read More

Breach Happens. Got the Right IAM?

It seems as if a week doesn’t go by without us hearing about a security breach that takes down a government installation, causes havoc among companies across an industry, or steals the private data of millions of consumers. It’s true - in fact, there was nearly a breach every day ... Read More

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