Amazon’s Ring gave access to its employees to watch live footage of the customers, The Intercept reports

According to a report by The Intercept, Ring, Amazon’s smart doorbell company gave access to its employees to watch live footage from cameras of the customers. As per the claim, Ring engineers and executives were allowed to watch the unfiltered footage of the users. Last year in February, Amazon acquired ... Read More

After BitPay, Coinbase bans Gab accounts and its founder, Andrew Torba

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According to the tweet posted by official Gab account, last week, Coinbase banned Andrew Torba’s (Founder at Gab, the social media platform), Coinbase merchant account. Gab’s business account on Coinbase was already closed in December, as per the report by blockchain blog Breaker. In November Gab was banned by BitPay, ... Read More

DragonFly BSD 5.4.1 released with new system compiler in GCC 8 and more

This Christmas eve, team DragonFly released the 54th version, DragonFly BSD 5.4.1, a free and open-source Unix-like operating system. This version comes with a new system compiler in GCC 8, improved NUMA support, a large number of network and virtual machine driver updates. This release also has significant HAMMER2 improvements ... Read More
SIX on Cybersecurity: Keren Elazari

Hackers are our society’s immune system – Keren Elazari on the future of Cybersecurity

Keren Elazari, a world renowned cybersecurity analyst and senior researcher at the Tel Aviv University Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center, author and speaker spoke earlier this year at Six, about the future of cybersecurity and a range of real world attacks in recent years. She also dived into the consequences as ... Read More

Sennheiser opens up about its major blunder that let hackers easily carry out man-in-the-middle attacks

Yesterday, Sennheiser, an audio device maker issued a fix for a major software blunder that let hackers easily carry out man-in-the-middle attacks by cryptographically impersonating any website on the internet. What exactly happened? HeadSetup established an encrypted websocket with a browser to allow Sennheiser headphones and speaker phones to work ... Read More

Tim Cook criticizes Google for their user privacy scandals but admits to taking billions from Google Search

In September, Goldman Sachs estimated that almost $9 billion dollar revenue is coming to Apple from Google for being the built-in search engine on Apple’s Safari web browsers. Till then, Apple had never talked about its revenue stream from Google. However, last week, Tim Cook, CEO, Apple participated in an ... Read More

Microsoft’s move towards ads on the Mail App in Windows 10 sparks privacy concerns

Microsoft had planned to bring ads to the Mail App in Windows 10. It also has an entire support page dedicated to ads on mail. But last week after the backlash from the people, Frank X. Shaw, the Head of Communications at Microsoft claimed on Twitter that ads on the ... Read More

Hackers claim to have compromised ProtonMail, but ProtonMail calls it ‘a hoax and failed extortion attempt’.

Last week, hackers attempted to extort ProtonMail by alleging a data breach with no evidence. One of the alleged hackers named, AmFearLiathMor has written in the message that, “We hacked Protonmail and have a significant amount of their data from the past few months. We are offering it back to ... Read More

US Supreme Court ends the net neutrality debate by rejecting the 2015 net neutrality repeal allowing the internet to be free and open again

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court refused the request by the telecommunications industry against net neutrality. This indicated a formal end to the legal fight over a 2016 lower court decision. This upheld the Obama-era, net neutrality rules which ensures a free and open internet. The 2015 Federal Communications Commission’s ... Read More