Alexa Sander, Author at Security Boulevard

3 Cloud Security Myths Putting Your District At Risk

| | Cloud Security, education
These cloud security myths are impacting your ability to protect your district from cyber threats At this point, it is widely accepted that school information technology systems are a prime target for cybercriminals. This is because schools are underfunded, technology teams are beyond overwhelmed, and the cybersecurity technology and expertise ... Read More
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Cloud Content Security Audit

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is an excellent time for a cloud content security audit CoSN’s annual survey, Edtech Leadership Survey Report 2021, reports that K-12 IT leaders in the U.S. rank cybersecurity as their number one priority. But it also found that cybersecurity risks continue to be underestimated by district leaders ... Read More
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Cyberbullying and Student Privacy

It’s a tough issue, but schools and parents need to find a balance to protect students Discussions of cyberbullying and student privacy generate strong opinions. We know that cyberbullying can cause significant problems for the student being bullied and the student doing the bullying. We have technology designed for cyberbullying ... Read More
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Student Mental Wellbeing And Cyber Safety

| | education, K-12 Cyber Safety
Technology can help spot cyber safety issues that are affecting student mental wellbeing District leaders are becoming more concerned about student mental wellbeing and cyber safety. Much of this concern is being driven by the pandemic. When asked about their mental health, about 60% of high school students report that ... Read More
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Upgrade Your School Suicide Prevention Program By Including The Technology Department

| | education, K-12 Cyber Safety
Technology can detect crisis signals hidden in school-provided technology According to the CDC, suicide is the second leading cause of death for children aged 15 to 19 years old. In 2019, nearly 9% of high school students attempted suicide in a one-year period, while nearly 16% made a plan to ... Read More
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5 Student Suicide Digital Signals To Monitor For In School Technology

| | education, K-12 Cyber Safety
Integrating technology into your district’s student suicide prevention program can make a huge difference in a child’s life Students are spending more time online, and it’s a trend that will undoubtedly continue even in a post-pandemic world. Likewise, they are also doing more learning online, both in and outside of ... Read More
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How School Leaders Can Understand and Navigate Digital Self Harm

| | education, K-12 Cyber Safety
Research indicates that digital self-harm is an emerging trend among students, but it’s not yet well understood You may not have heard of digital self-harm, but recent surveys and research suggest that our children are undoubtedly familiar with it. One such study analyzed data from the 2019 Florida Youth Substance ... Read More
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SEL Impact on School Violence

| | education, K-12 Cyber Safety
Technology has a role in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and preventing school violence School violence disrupts learning and can have long-term physical and emotional effects on everyone in the community. There’s no silver bullet to eliminate it, but the positive Social Emotional Learning (SEL) impact on school violence makes it ... Read More
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Cyberbullying and School Violence

How District IT Teams Can Help Identify Cyberbullying And Potential School Violence Signals In School Technology Research shows that there is a relationship between bullying, cyberbullying, and school violence. For over 20 years, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Secret Service has analyzed and published reports to ... Read More
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5 School Violence Early Warning Signs

Students are returning to in-person classrooms, and some officials have a new set of concerns Reports of targeted school violence can rock the psyche of our nation. The horror of violent attacks in these spaces meant for safety and education is unthinkable. But, unfortunately, it’s part of our reality that ... Read More