Is Artificial Intelligence Making People More Secure? Or Less?

Like anything, AI can be used maliciously. But when used for good, AI can be a game changer. In May of this year, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) agreed to adopt a blanket ban on the use of remote biometric identification (facial recognition) in public spaces along with predictive ... Read More

Why Analyst Reports Are Not Created Equal

A look into the evaluation process for the Forrester Wave™ for CIAM 2022 When considering a technology investment, many organizations seek the expertise of industry analysts, often turning to the most respected firms and popular industry reports as a way to shortlist their vendor selections. From my perspective, as a ... Read More
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Continuously Assuring Access – Learning to Say “Yes” More

In my blog on Zero Trust (“Castles to Cities”) I promised a follow-up on CARTA. What is CARTA? Coined by Gartner, this term stands for Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment. At the highest level, CARTA as a concept gives us a roadmap for taking a more dynamic and ongoing ... Read More
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Is Delight Necessary to Win the Hearts of Employees and Customers?

Why improving user experiences should be the aim of your digital identity system Across all sectors, customer centricity and user experience are a focus area in the battle to win, service, and retain income-generating assets (yes, that’s what a customer effectively is) for businesses. An overused term is “Delight your ... Read More
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Zero Trust and Identity: Evolving from Castles to Cities

The common analogy for protecting computer networks has typically been that of the castle, complete with big walls and surrounding moat. Though this is a good one, the growth and innovation in security technology, including the Zero Trust Model, add complexities. Let’s take a look and see if the analogy ... Read More

Microservices Enablers: DevOps and Identity

To create competitive advantage within today’s disruptive economy, organizations need to not only adapt to customer demands, but they also need the agility to turn on a dime in response to the ever-changing landscape of customer requirements and provide superior and engaging customer experiences --- whether it be online, in ... Read More