Introducing Sift’s expanded partner program: Delivering Digital Trust & Safety to more businesses across the globe

Fraudsters have long ago figured out that there’s power in numbers. Today’s fraud threats are no longer disconnected crimes perpetrated by lone hackers, but rather a full-fledged Fraud Economy—a global, interconnected network of cybercriminals looking to exploit businesses and steal from consumers. 

Fighting fraud requires the same type of network, which is why I’m pleased to announce the expansion of our Sift Partner Program. Our goal is to make it easy to place the critical technology needed to fight fraud into the hands of the partner community who are committed to delivering innovative customer solutions.

Building on the foundation of our existing partnerships with impressive industry leaders, including, Jumio, and Primer, among others, the program is designed with simplicity and partner enablement in mind. Read on to learn how we’re broadening our joint footprint to bring powerful fraud detection technology to new customers worldwide. 

Simple, unified partner program

We’ve designed the expanded program to remove the complexities that often get in the way of partner onboarding and integration by offering a single, unified program that supports multiple business models and all partner types. 

Sift partnership options include Solutions Partners, Payment Service Providers (PSPs), Payment Orchestration Platforms, and Managed Services Providers (MSPs), in addition to Technology integration partners via the Sift Connect library of open APIs. 

Sift partners have the flexibility to choose from one or multiple partnership relationships, all contained within an easy-to-understand program structure with clear rules of engagement, terms, and value incentives. And with additional earning opportunities available through professional services, partners can generate 4x to 6x the value of software license subscriptions.

Optimized for partner success

Central to the program is partner enablement—the program will equip Sift partners with the tools and resources they need to get up and running quickly and accelerate time-to-revenue for all new members. In doing so, Sift’s partner program includes access to:

  • Training, enablement, and certification delivered through a dedicated partner portal.
  • A library of marketing materials and tools.
  • Product, technical, and sales support.
  • Demo and sandbox product environments.
  • Sifters, Sift’s growing online customer community.

Driving business growth for partners and customers

We know that building a strong fraud-fighting community involves creating value both for our partners and for new customers, and Sift’s expanded partner program does just that.

As businesses face accelerating and increasingly-costly threats, the fraud solutions they choose will need to solve for both security and revenue growth. By providing new and existing partners multiple pathways to success, and the support they need to pursue new opportunities, Sift’s Partner Program is set up to quickly drive growth for both partners and new customers. 

We couldn’t be more excited for this next chapter in growing our community and we hope you join us.

Find out more about the Sift Partner Program and how to join.

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