Will CEOs Recognize Their Company a Year After Adopting AI?

Will CEOs Recognize Their Company a Year After Adopting AI?

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Will Transforming the business with AI will ever reach the finish line?

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, from how we drive our cars to the frictionless shopping experience at Amazon Fresh. AI for many in the “KNOW” understand this business transformation enabler is not an overnight sensation. Many companies seeing early success started this journey years ago.

CEOs, before, during, and after COVID, pressed their organization to challenge themselves to transform, innovate, and reshape their customer experience, and product development, while lowering costs. AI became a positive and negative business enabler.

Did AI meet and exceed expectations? For most, still a work of progress. Did AI lead to cost savings with a positive ROI? Most companies are still waiting.

After a year, would a CEO recognize their company after adopting AI? Did AI help the organization become more secure? Did productivity increase?

These are all good questions. Does the organization have a significant turnover or layoff of talent to make the AI journey more feasible? Did the existing talent become a positive or negative factor in the AI journey? Or did the organization orchestrate a series of layoffs to let go of the legacy workforce to move the AI experience forward?

It is a little of both. People that the CEO had around in their inner circle, are they still around? Did they adapt to the new way of thinking, or did they become part of reshuffling the deck of human capital cards?

AI will have a significant impact on every business and individual. How this impact will change what we do and how we do it still requires a commitment to human capital leadership and technology experience to master AI.

The good news is that “Failure is an option in AI.” Businesses can be competitive and profitable without AI. Organizations could still be a place where people want to build careers. Banking on AI to make decisions and provide forecasts could become an excuse for mistakes. CEOs should continue to know their organization inside and outside. Without human capital, there is no AI.

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