G2 Places SlashNext in Top 3 for Integrated Cloud Email Security for 2023, #1 Ratings in Many Categories

SlashNext has been named in the Top 3 list for Integrated Cloud Email Security Vendors by G2, the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace used by 80 million software buyers each year. This recognition is decided by actual customer feedback on features and functionality as compared to competitive alternatives. 

Quarterly, G2 highlights the top-rated solutions in the industry by comparing alternative products, and tallies touchpoints such as customer satisfaction, ease of use, set up and deployment, and many more metrics. As a result, SlashNext’s Email Security was recognized in a number of categories including Top 3 for Intelligent Email Protection, which also included Abnormal Security and Avanan Cloud Email Security.   

Some of the reasons our customers rate SlashNext Integrated Email Security so high includes features like targeted attack prevention, real-time detection, and activity monitoring, among others. SlashNext HumanAI™ technology platform uses multi-stage detection to stop advanced threats across cloud email plus mobile and web messaging apps.  

  • Zero-hour BEC and ATO protection
    Uses relationship graphs, natural language processing (NLP) of email body, header analysis, contextualization, and behavioral AI. 
  • Generative AI for BEC and BTC
    Clones and synthetically generates BEC/BTC (Business Email Compromise/Business Text Compromise) threat iterations to train models and continuously predict the next threats. 
  • Relationship graphs and contextual analysis
    Baselines communication patterns in your environment to identify relationship patterns and anomalies. 
  • Zero-hour link protection
    Uses pre-emotive sourcing and real-time scans by combining computer vision, NLP, and behavioral AI to identify malicious links. 
  • Zero-hour file protection
    Uses pre-emotive sourcing and real time to identify malicious file payloads, including for HTML, doc, pdf, and zip files. 
  • Smishing protection
    Accurately identifies and quarantines malicious SMS/text messages. 
  • Multi-channel protection
    Stops zero-hour threats in email, mobile, and web messaging apps across M365, Gmail, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, Teams, and other messaging apps. 
  • Operational security controls
    Implements by group, country, and organization, configurable in the admin portal. 

In addition, SlashNext has been recognized for the following rankings in Integrated Cloud Email Security

  • #1 in Intelligence Reporting 
  • #1 in Role-Based Rules 
  • #2 in Quality of Support 
  • #4 in Ease of Use 

Learn more about what real SlashNext users have to say – or leave your own review on the G2 SlashNext review page. 

Our SlashNext HumanAI™ is the only true generative AI security for cloud email plus mobile and web messaging apps to stop BEC and text scams. Be sure to check out our products on this website and compare us to other solutions listed on G2. We would love to show you how we compare 

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