Celebrating What We Hope is the End to ‘World Password Day’

World Password Day – we need to stop meeting like this. Axiad has been on the frontlines to retire passwords – once and for all – and we’ll continue this quest until World Password Day becomes “World Passwordless Day.”

Recently, Axiad co-founder and co-CEO, Bassam Al-Kahlidi, wrote an article for BetaNews about why organizations need to move to adopting passwordless authentication, because using passwords is just not secure – and the wrong way to go about security in general. Passwords are ineffective for several reasons, including the following: people choosing easily guessable passwords which can get hacked in a matter of seconds (i.e., Password123); phishing attacks, which are designed to steal credentials (passwords); and users who are just downright frustrated with them, so they’ll use workarounds or save them in an easily-hacked spreadsheet, or even on notes taped to their desk.

What’s the solution? We’ve previously written on past World Password Days about using multi-factor authentication, FIDO, Yubikey tokens and more as alternatives to passwords, which also improve the user experience. Axiad Cloud – a cloud-based integrated authentication platform, can help organizations get there – by systematically authenticating across all users, machines and interactions, and doing so without creating user friction, so it’s a win-win for organizations and employees alike.

Axiad Cloud offers a variety of passwordless options, including multi-factor authentication, certificate-based authentication for IAM, phishing-resistant authentication, and passwordless orchestration. And because it is a cloud-based platform, organizations can start small – perhaps with one department or geography – and easily add on over time. This means organizations can quickly start the journey of moving away from passwords and securing their most-important assets, and then add on more with relative ease.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – instead of recommending how to make passwords more secure this World Password Day, we should really be admitting that passwords are a failed authentication method and should be done away with all together. And – this includes faux “passwordless solutions” that aren’t actually passwordless, another thing organizations need to be aware of, which Bassam addresses in his article.

To read more of Bassam’s insights regarding the path to “no-password” passwordless, you can read the full article on BetaNews.

Thinking about adopting a passwordless platform for your organization? Request a demo and our experts will guide you through what a true passwordless future looks like.

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