The TikTok CEO Testimony, ChatGPT’s Privacy Risks, Inaudible Ultrasound Attacks

The CEO of TikTok was criticized by Congress for his “worthless” assurances regarding the app’s privacy and security. But what is the real motivation for Congress attempting to ban TikTok?

Should we be concerned that AI language models like ChatGPT are a privacy nightmare? Not just for businesses but for anyone using it?

Researchers have found a way to use inaudible ultrasonic waves to attack smartphones, smart speakers, and other devices by taking control of their voice assistants, opening browser windows, and performing other malicious actions. Is this the next generation of attacks we need to be worried about?

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TikTok CEO fails to convince Congress that the app is not a “weapon” for China

Senators Introduce Bipartisan Bill (RESTRICT Act) to Tackle National Security Threats from Foreign Tech

ChatGPT is a data privacy nightmare. If you’ve ever posted online, you ought to be concerned

Inaudible ultrasound attack can stealthily control your phone, smart speaker

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