Now Available: New HAProxy Integration Using Native HTTP Client

DataDome’s mission is to protect our customers against threats on any infrastructure. We’re happy to announce a new way to integrate DataDome protection with HAProxy using LUA and the native HTTP client (added in version 2.5). We can now leverage the HTTP client to call the DataDome protection API, just like we do with many of our other integrations.

Many businesses use HAProxy because it’s a lightweight open source load balancer for TCP and HTTP-based applications. It’s important for enterprises to ensure the applications are protected through a flexible and fast integration with DataDome.

Our existing HAProxy integration, which uses HAProxy SPOE (Stream Processing Offload Engine) to offload processing to an external program, will continue to be supported. We simply want to offer a new, simpler option for our customers, so they don’t need to install, configure, and monitor SPOE.

The new integration via the HTTP client eases setup for our customers and processes more requests per second. In our internal benchmark, we were able to process more requests per seconds (throughput) with the new implementation than with the previous one (between 10% and 20% of throughput). 

The new integration using LUA and the HTTP client is supported from HAProxy 2.6.8+ and 2.7.1+. 

As a reminder, versions 1.7+, 1.8+, 1.9+, 2.1+, 2.3+, and 2.5+ are no longer supported by HAProxy and are not “Long Term Support” (LTS) versions. We encourage our customers to upgrade their system to a supported version.

Setup Overview

The setup is straightforward. You can find more in-depth instructions in our technical integration documentation. The steps below provide a simplistic overview of the process.

  1. Validate you are using a supported version of HAProxy (2.6.8+ and 2.7.1+).
  2. Download our package and extract it in your HAProxy configuration directory.
  3. Edit HAProxy configuration file following our documentation (load LUA module, set up DataDome variables, add DataDome code).
  4. Reload HAProxy. 

You are now protected and you can see your traffic in real time inside our Dashboard!

Supporting Every Platform Possible

The new HAProxy integration using LUA and the native HTTP client is the latest in a range of our integrations, as we continue to expand and update our supported platforms. With 50+ integrations available today, and more to come, DataDome can stop bad bots on any infrastructure, big or small, to prevent online fraud attacks before they occur.

See how bot management can help you with a free 30-day trial, or schedule a live demonstration.

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