#LifeAtLogRhythm – Highlighting Women at LogRhythm

As we continue our #LifeAtLogRhythm blog series we found it fitting to spotlight a few of the women at LogRhythm that contribute to the vibrant culture here. LogRhythm is proud to have strong and passionate women who make a priceless contribution to our organization and the trajectory of our future. As you read this month’s spotlight of inspirational quotes from a handful of women at LogRhythm, we hope you walk away feeling encouraged and motivated.

Ailine Contreras Quote

“Ask questions, seek answers. Never stop being curious.” – Ailine Contreras, Digital Marketing Specialist

Joanne Wong Quote

“It’s important women in ICT do not shy away from speaking up and champion for female leaders. They can empower other women to make a positive impact.” – Joanne Wong, VP of International Marketing. To read more from Joanne on this topic, read her recent article here.

Mitzi Hunter Quote

“Be tough but fair. You should have high expectations for your team, but always be fair and balanced in your approach to managing the team.” – Mitzi Hunter, Chief Marketing Officer. To read more from Mitzi, you can find an article here.

Natalia Tovar Grand Quote

“Have an insatiable thirst for learning, be yourself and don’t let anyone dim your light.” -Natalia Tovar-Grand, Director of Strategic Enablement

Rosie Alvae Quote

“Acknowledge your value and understand how to promote it!” – Rosie Alvae, Federal Systems Integrators Partner Enablement Manager

Sally Vincent Quote

“Never let self-doubt get in the way of speaking up or taking on hard projects. Your contributions are valuable, that is why you got hired!” – Sally Vincent, Senior Threat Research Engineer

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