API Security the Number One Topic at 2023 RSA Conference

Cequence, the largest API security company in the world is powering up at booth 0455 at the RSA Conference talking to cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts from around the world about API security.

With API security the number one topic, along with artificial intelligence, and the potential benefits in the field of cybersecurity top of mind at RSAC, Cequence is showcasing our AI-powered Unified API Protection (UAP) solution which helps organizations discover all APIs, ensure these APIs comply with industry and government regulations, and detects and prevents automated attacks in real-time. It was only a week earlier that the Cequence approach to API security was validated with a strategic investment from the venture capital program of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and an investment from Prosperity7 Ventures.

Proactive Measures to Protect APIs

Cequence is getting plenty of traffic where we’re demonstrating our use of AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze traffic patterns and identify malicious API attacks, allowing companies to take proactive measures to protect their APIs. We’re also giving away power up swag like our popular artist-customized water bottle.

Sessions Covering API Backdoors and Threat Intelligence to Protect APIs

Today, we have a live session covering the API backdoors to an organization’s data. Tomorrow, we’ll have more sessions covering the use of threat intelligence to protect APIs. Learn how Cequence leverages a threat database with 70 million+ malicious IPs, curated over the last 6+ years, to protect your APIs.

The API Backdoors to Your Data – Booth 0455
Jason Kent, Hacker-in-Residence
Wednesday, April 26 at 4:30PM

Network-IQ: Using Threat Intelligence to Protect APIs – Booth 0455
Zack Kaplan, Software Engineer, CQ Prime
Thursday, April 27 at 1:30PM

At the end of each presentation, we will be giving away a PlayStation 5. Here is a photo of yesterday’s winner and excitement at the booth.

RSA Conference - booth traffic, RSAC

Learn About Addressing API Vulnerabilities Before Deployment

Another hot topic at the 2023 RSA Conference was the continued use of DevSecOps to speed up development processes, and the need for security to be integrated into the development lifecycle. The Cequence security experts are showing how Cequence API Security Testing can implement security into DevSecOps workflows to identify API vulnerabilities allowing them to be addressed before deployment.

It’s safe to say that Cequence is one of the companies making waves with their innovative approach to API security. As companies continue to face ever-evolving cyber threats, solutions like Cequence’s will become increasingly crucial in protecting their applications and data.

Visit booth 0455 and meet with API security experts today!

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