Simplify SSO enrollment for Okta and Azure AD with Nudge Security

Using single sign-on authentication is a security best practice, but onboarding every enterprise SaaS application to an SSO provider is often easier said than done. To help, Nudge Security includes SSO playbooks for Okta and Azure AD that automate the tedious parts of SSO onboarding. Here’s a closer look at the Azure AD playbook we recently introduced.

SSO onboarding starts with visibility

Single sign-on authentication providers like Okta and Azure AD can only help you onboard the applications you already know about. They have no visibility of what else is out there in your environment. Whether you’re migrating from one provider to another or starting a new program from scratch, you need visibility of what your employees are using so you can prioritize them for SSO onboarding—and who within your organization has the right level of access to onboard them to your chosen SSO provider. Just tracking down the primary admin for each SaaS application can create substantial administrative overhead and slow down your onboarding process.

How Nudge Security can help

Nudge Security offers SSO onboarding playbooks for both Azure AD and Okta deployments to streamline onboarding activities and track progress toward your goals. The playbooks automatically discover your organization’s SaaS applications, determine which ones still need to be onboarded, and eliminate time-consuming manual outreach by enlisting the primary admin of each app to help facilitate onboarding. 

Before we dig in further, you can explore the Azure AD playbook for yourself in our interactive demo:

Track progress toward your SSO onboarding goals

Your SSO provider can tell you how many applications you’ve already onboarded, but they can’t tell you how that number maps to the full scope of your SaaS attack surface. Nudge Security fills that gap, giving you at-a-glance visibility of your progress toward onboarding all of your organization’s SaaS applications to Okta or Azure AD. 

Discover which applications still need to be onboarded to Okta or Azure AD

Nudge Security’s playbooks for SSO onboarding automatically discover which of your applications have already been enrolled in Azure AD or Okta, which ones still need to be onboarded, and which user is each application’s primary administrator. 

We also categorize each application so you can easily filter by type to make sure you onboard your highest-risk SaaS apps. For example, you might decide to prioritize file sharing applications and developer tools, which may contain sensitive data and intellectual property. Nudge Security can show you both the corporate-sanctioned applications your employees are using and the unsanctioned tools in these categories that may contain equally sensitive information. 

Streamline communication between stakeholders

Ordinarily, the person or team at your organization who’s responsible for coordinating SSO onboarding would be forced to hunt down the owner of every application and coordinate with them individually, which can be a time-consuming, repetitive process. Maybe the name on the credit card purchase for an app is the head of a department, and the actual admin is someone on their team—which means it may take a series of emails just to find out who has the right access to help with onboarding the app to Okta or Azure AD. When you multiply that by every application on the list, just chasing down individual app owners could take hours. 

Nudge Security streamlines this process by identifying the primary admin of each application and nudging them to reach out to the technical contact you’ve designated and set up time for onboarding. That means those technical contacts can focus on onboarding applications rather than coordinating with individual stakeholders just to get the right access. 

Create automated rules to make sure apps don’t slip through the cracks

Your SaaS attack surface isn’t static. Employees register for new tools all the time, which means your SSO onboarding plan needs to account for regular changes and updates. 

Nudge Security helps you capture new applications in your SSO onboarding workflow by enabling notifications when a user adds a new application, along with automatic nudges to users of those new applications. 

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