Salt Goes Gold Again, with Two Globee Cybersecurity Awards

Last week, three golds. This week, two more. Wow – the accolades keep coming. Salt took top honors in two Globee® Cybersecurity World Award categories: Hot Security Company of the Year for Security Software, and API Management and Security! You can read all the formal details in our announcement.

We’ve earned five awards in the past two weeks, and the month isn’t even half over. It’s like sweeping the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Critics Choice, and the Oscars – but for API security! Hollywood analogies aside, it’s been a fun ride, and we are truly honored to have earned this level of industry recognition and praise. 

The Globee® Cybersecurity World Awards cover every facet of security, honoring the very best cybersecurity companies and professionals around the world for their exceptional and innovative approaches and solutions in the digital age. Taking top honors in both of these two categories underscores both the value that Salt delivers with its API security platform and the excellence of our support and service.

In today’s world, every company has become a digital company, which also means every company has become an API company. APIs enable the business innovation at the heart of digital transformation.The Salt Security API Protection Platform helps accelerate that innovation by ensuring the safety of APIs.

API security mandates a different security approach because API attacks themselves are different. Discovering API vulnerabilities that can be exploited takes time and finesse, unlike the old-style traditional attacks such as a SQL injection. Attackers must search and probe for API weaknesses over days, weeks, and even months, and successful attacks often hinge on stringing together multiple exploits. Detecting these meandering, low-and-slow attacks depends on having rich and continuous API context.

API breaches making headlines recently underscore this reality. The T-Mobile attack began in November but it took until January for the T-Mobile security team to detect it. That’s how it goes with API attacks – they often fly under the radar until it’s too late, because traditional security tactics cannot correlate activity over time to spot these anomalies.

The awards we’re earning highlight not only the need for a different approach to protecting APIs but also the unique architecture of the Salt API security platform. Salt has the only patented cloud-scale big data platform with time-tested AL and ML algorithms that can analyze this massive data set in near real time. Our platform allows enterprises to correlate activities across millions of API calls and users over time and surface the suspicious activities indicative of an attack.

We invite you to learn more about the award-winning Salt platform. Feel free to reach out for a call with one of our API security experts or schedule a customized demo. We will also be attending the RSA Conference April 24-27 in San Francisco. If you plan on being there, we’d love to speak with you in person!

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