GitGuardian Code Security Platform Now Available on AWS Marketplace

GitGuardian Code Security Platform Now Available on AWS Marketplace

Securing your code and infrastructure has never been easier. Starting today, GitGuardian, the #1 automated secrets detection and remediation platform, will be available on AWS Marketplace. This new offering enables organizations using Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services to easily purchase and deploy GitGuardian licenses directly from the marketplace, streamlining procurement and simplifying the integration of GitGuardian into their software supply chain security stack.

Announcing GitGuardian on AWS Marketplace

"We are thrilled to make GitGuardian's code security platform available on AWS Marketplace,"

Said Eric Fourrier, our co-founder and CEO.

GitGuardian Code Security Platform Now Available on AWS Marketplace
GitGuardian listing on AWS Marketplace

"As more organizations adopt cloud infrastructure and DevOps workflows, it's important to ensure that code security is a top priority. With GitGuardian on AWS Marketplace, security and engineering teams can easily integrate our platform into existing cloud-native environments and improve their overall security posture."

GitGuardian’s code security platform scans public and private repositories, DevOps tools, and infrastructure-as-code configurations for exposed secrets like API keys, private tokens, and database credentials. With GitGuardian on AWS Marketplace, you can now easily access our SaaS platform and ensure potential weaknesses, such as hardcoded secrets and infrastructure as code (IaC) vulnerabilities, are found and fixed across all the components that make up your software delivery chain.

GitGuardian integrates natively with your existing development workflows and can be used with platforms like GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, and Bitbucket. It also comes with a command-line interface application, ggshield, which can be used as a standalone tool for your developers to scan local repositories or in CI/CD pipelines. By detecting and alerting developers to exposed secrets early, GitGuardian helps teams prevent security incidents before the risk is materialized.

Security and development teams frequently cite these benefits after rolling out GitGuardian:

  • Improved security posture: GitGuardian continuously scans your code and infrastructure for hardcoded secrets, ensuring potential exposure is identified and addressed before attackers can exploit it (limiting initial access and lateral movement).
  • Faster incident response: GitGuardian alerts you in real time when it detects exposed secrets, enabling you to respond quickly and mitigate the risk. Also, long are gone the days of infinite email threads; GitGuardian brings dev and sec together with its collaboration features (learn more about GitGuardian’s RBAC & Teams).
  • Developer-driven prevention: GitGuardian integrates seamlessly with your existing development workflows, allowing you to deploy security guardrails as pre-commit hooks using ggshield CLI or pull request checks on GitHub.

As more organizations adopt cloud infrastructure and DevOps workflows, ensuring that code security is a top priority is paramount. With GitGuardian on AWS Marketplace, we’re making it easier for all organizations running their applications on AWS to keep hardcoded secrets (and attackers) at bay. Eric added,

“Last time we listed the GitGuardian platform on a marketplace, it was a huge success. GitGuardian has been sitting at the #1 spot in the security category on the GitHub Marketplace since July 2021, protecting over 250 thousand developers and their secrets! I am positive the AWS Marketplace release will be just as significant for GitGuardian and the wider developer and security communities.”

Get started

GitGuardian’s code security platform is available for purchase, in units of 25 licenses for developers each, on AWS Marketplace starting today. Visit GitGuardian’s AWS Marketplace listing to get started!

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