Streamlining User Onboarding: Voter ID Verification API for simplified Identity Verification

The Election Commission of India issues the Indian Voter ID Card (officially known as the Elector’s Photo Identity Card (EPIC)) to adult Indian citizens who have reached the age of 18. It is primarily used for identity proof of Indian citizens when they cast their votes in local, state, and federal elections held in the nation. It may also be used for identity verification of name, address, and age verification for other needs like getting a SIM card for a phone or applying for a passport.

The Voter ID card is used by many companies and financial organisations to verify the identities, ages, and addresses of their clients. Verifying the people you are onboarding using a Voter ID Verification API is the easiest approach to prevent fraud because a voter ID is utilised across the nation as identity and address evidence. Voter ID identity verification may assist with a variety of transactions, including bank account openings, loan transactions, gaming transactions, onboarding of blue-collar, white-collar, and grey-collar employees, and insurance transactions.

Users may find the identity verification procedure to be time-consuming and annoying. Yet, technology is improving the accessibility and effectiveness of identity verification and digital registration processes. This blog post will examine the usage of voter ID verification for online service signups and identity confirmation.

Voter ID Verification for Identity Verification

Voter ID cards are an essential document that voters use to demonstrate their citizenship and identity. Before permitting voters to cast their ballots, the voter ID verification procedure entails validating their voter ID card. Verifying a voter’s ID can also serve as an identification proof for a variety of services.

Before allowing consumers to join up for many online services, including banking, identification verification is necessary. Users may easily and quickly establish their identity by using voter ID verification, which streamlines and streamlines the procedure.

Voter ID Verification for Digital Signups

In the current digital era, signing up for services online has become standard procedure. Online users can register for a variety of services, including social networking platforms, streaming services, and e-commerce sites. Yet, to stop fraud and guarantee user security, these signups need identity verification.

Users may quickly and easily verify their identification when signing up for services online by using voter ID verification. Voter ID verification may be incorporated into the signup procedure to enhance the user experience overall, while also complying with KYC verification regulations. 

Benefits of Voter ID Verification over other IDs

Voter ID cards are already generally recognised as legitimate forms of identification in India for a variety of uses, such as identity verification and the digital onboarding of clients. The voter card can also be used for age verification because voter ID cards are required in India and are given out by the Election Commission of India to qualified persons who are 18 years of age or older.

Using voter ID often entails gathering pertinent information from the voter ID card, such as the voter ID number, name, date of birth, and address, in order to authenticate the customer’s identity and residence. To verify that the data is correct and current, this information is then cross-checked against official databases.

Voter ID is used in India by a variety of sectors, including banking, insurance, telecommunications, and e-commerce, for digital onboarding and identity verification. When opening new accounts or carrying out financial transactions, for instance, banks and other financial organisations utilise voter ID to confirm the identification of their clients. Similarly to this, online retailers employ voter ID to confirm the legitimacy of their clients before sending items to their addresses.

In India, voter ID has grown in importance as a tool for identity verification while remotely onboarding customers, especially for those who do not have other kinds of identification like passports or driver’s licences.

IDcentral’s Voter ID Verification API

With the help of IDcentral’s Voter ID Verification API, you can now onboard individuals with confidence knowing that they have a genuine Voter ID issued by the Government of India that includes trusted identity and address credentials.

The Voter ID OCR API streamlines and expedites your identity verification process by extracting and confirming data from simply an image when used in conjunction with an OCR solution from IDcentral’s Document Verification solution.

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