New Sensor Dashboard and Rack PDU Outlet Control

Product Update: Version 3.11

Our latest product update is a big one! we’ve introduced a new add-on feature called Control that includes Outlet Control, which lets you power on, off, and cycle your rack PDUs remotely through the platform. We’ve also introduced a new persistent Search Bar, a Sensor Dashboard, and Automated Catalog Data Feedback. Plus, we’ve made significant enhancements to Heatmaps, Rack Security, and the ServiceNow CMDB Sync integration – along with various improvements.


Sensor Dashboard and Data Export

A new Sensor Dashboard has been added to allow users to better visualize collected sensor data for an asset. Users will be able to toggle between list and card view for sensors. In addition, we’ve improved the Sensor data export to allow for up to 180 days of raw or daily summary data, provided that the range falls within license limits and corresponding data exists. This is available from both the application GUI and the API.

Lastly, we’ve developed a free sensor data download tool for Hyperview called Simple Sensor Report (SSR). SSR allows you to download monthly summary data for one sensor and one asset type. For example, you could use this tool to get energy metering reports for racks. SSR is available in our Github.

Rack PDU Outlet Control


Rack PDU Outlet Control

Rack PDU Outlet Control, along with Firmware Management and Rack Security, is part of a new add-on feature called Control that allows you to Power On, Power Off and Power Cycle rack PDU hardware remotely from Hyperview. The Control add-on feature is available for $1/asset/year. Please contact your account manager to add Control to your subscription.

Important: This new feature requires the latest version of the Data Collector software.

Search Bar


Search Bar

A new, persistent Search Bar has been added to the top of the application to allow for faster access to Quick and Advanced Search. With this design change, the Account Management link has been moved from the bottom left to the top right.



Automated Catalog Data Feedback

Now when you add an unknown model to Hyperview, the model information is automatically added to the Catalog improvement request queue for review. This allows our team to quickly add support for the device model.

Administrators can manage this setting from the “Settings -> General -> Catalog Data” page.

Please note that this new feature is turned Off by default.

3D Heatmap

Improvements to Heatmaps, Rack Security, and ServiceNow CMDB Sync

The Heatmap visualization in 2D and 3D has been tweaked to be far more accurate and performant. You will notice a cleaner color gradation to show temperature range and area coverage. There was a also a host of bug fixes, usability and performance improvements.

Rack Security
Rack Security Control actions have been enhanced to integrate with Work Orders. A rack open operation will create a corresponding Work Order to document and track the action.

ServiceNow CMDB Sync
Administrators are now able to test the ServiceNow credentials from the configuration page before any sync job is attempted.

Other Notable Improvements

  • “Inventory” has been added as an asset lifecycle state with support throughout the product
  • Desired rack temperature property update bulk action has been extended to racks
  • Improvements have been done to the discovery and monitoring sub-systems to allow for better automatic detection and management of asset IP Address changes
  • The multi-rack view has been enhanced to allow for image or PDF export of side-by-side rack elevations
  • Data grids have been improved throughout the product with better column filtering, clear column filter buttons, responsive behavior, and paging enhancements
  • The asset status has been added to the assets by type and by location grids
  • The asset monitoring state has been added to the advanced search column selector
  • The asset hierarchy tree load time has been improved
  • The rack asset audit page has been improved with a set of UX improvements and bug fixes
  • The main navbar -> settings area has been re-organized to improve UX
  • The license page has been improved to improve UX

For further details about the release, including API changes and notable bug fixes,  please refer to the Hyperview release notes.

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