Social Zombies Revisited: Your Friends Want to Eat Your Brains

On this week’s episode, We’re excited to bring you a classic conference talk that Tom Eston gave with co-host Kevin Johnson back in 2009 at DEF CON 17 in Las Vegas. The talk is called “Social Zombies: Your Friends Want to Eat Your Brains” and it explores the various risks and concerns related to malware delivery through social networking sites.

We discuss how social networks make money and the privacy and security issues that arise due to the trust built on these platforms. We also delve into typical botnets and bot programs, and examine the delivery of malware through social networks and the use of these networks as command and control channels.

Interestingly, not a lot has changed in terms of the privacy and security of social networks since we gave this presentation, so it’s still highly relevant today. We hope you enjoy revisiting this classic talk with us this week on the Shared Security Show!

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