#LifeAtLogRhythm Spotlight – Meet Elias Ortiz, Senior Software Engineer

We are excited to introduce a series of blog posts highlighting the #LifeAtLogRhythm. For this first installment, we had the opportunity to interview Elias Ortiz and learn more about his role at LogRhythm and why he’s stayed with the company for nearly four years. As this series continues, you’ll hear from different people, departments, and initiatives that make up the vibrant #LifeAtLogRhythm!

When did you join LogRhythm and what do you do? 

I joined LogRhythm as a software engineer almost four years ago, in February of 2019, and was later promoted to a senior role. It feels like forever ago because things move so fast at LogRhythm. As a senior software engineer, I have a lot of opportunities to mentor and guide team practices, which is honestly my favorite part about my job! Not only do I get to ensure we release high quality software for LogRhythm customers, but I get to encourage the career growth and development of other team members. 

As far as my day-to-day, that changes a lot. One day I can code a lot, and another day I can play more of a support role to the team. On the engineering side, if you’re familiar with LogRhythm Axon, you know there is a dashboard with a bunch of widgets that was initially designed by our UX team. When my team and I first moved to work on Axon, we were responsible for ensuring the charts behaved properly and a part of my role in ensuring we are aligned across other development teams in how we code to ensure congruency. 

You said you worked on LogRhythm Axon, how do you feel about its release in October 2022? 

Releasing a product we’ve worked so hard on is every engineer’s biggest payout moment. We spent years working on something brand new. Axon has been built from scratch. To see it be released and know that people are using it, there’s a great sense of satisfaction there. Everyone here is learning every single day, and it’s been an awesome opportunity to play with technology and make something like Axon. I joined the engineering of Axon later in the build to work on dashboards and widgets, so I am sure others who were there from the start of Axon have a bigger sense of pride than those of us who just joined a little late. 

What is your favorite part about your job? 

Definitely the people. Being able to personally mentor, train, and coach various teammates. I helped build out a team of engineers that I’m still working with today. I got to interview a bunch of people, hire them, and help them get up-to-speed with LogRhythm and how we do things here. My passion is team building and I feel like I’ve had a lot of opportunities to exercise that here. I get to be a resource and answer questions people have whether it’s technical or about their careers and networking. I don’t feel like I would have had as much opportunity to explore this passion at other companies and I’m really grateful for that. 

What’s the most challenging part of your job? 

A part of being a senior software engineer is coordinating with other teams and sometimes departments to make sure everything and everyone is on the same page. We work hard to keep teams aligned on engineering best practices and how we code at LogRhythm. When that’s diverted from, it’s important to support the teams and understand why that happened, but also make sure we get back on the same page. It’s a part of team building and can be a challenge at times. 

What keeps you at LogRhythm and what goals do you have? 

I honestly feel like I have the opportunity to do what I’m best at here. Every single day I get to mentor and build up our teams. The work doesn’t end after forming a team, I get to play a part in helping us improve all the time. Continuous improvement is big at LogRhythm, and I get to be a part of that as a team lead. I really appreciate the opportunity and I work with super awesome people. 

For my career goals, I would love to continue growing in my passion and pursue a more formal role, like a managerial position where I could keep growing my strengths and leveraging them to help LogRhythm be the best company it can be. 

Stay tuned for more #LifeAtLogRhythm blogs highlighting the vibrancy and diversity in the company.  

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