How the Avatars of Arkose Labs Rescued Cyberspace at Virtual Town Hall 2023

It was a dark and drizzly night in cyberspace, with only neon lights illuminating the towering skyscrapers and bustling crowds on the street. The sounds of sirens and chatter fill the air as we approach a sleek, high-tech building with the words ARKOSE LABS emblazoned on the front. Inside a large, open office space, people dressed in futuristic cyberpunk attire are banging away on computer keyboards. In the center of the room, a large screen displaying data and graphs glows on the back wall. 

Who are these cyberpunk warriors and what is their mission? It would all be revealed soon enough … at the Arkose Labs’ 5th annual virtual Town Hall! 

Virtual Town Hall 2023

On January 23-24, 2023, Arkose Labs employees gathered virtually, each as their own unique avatar, for a critical and impactful mission—to assume the role of cyberspace warriors intent on safeguarding the digital landscape from malicious bot and human attackers. 

With founder and CEO, Kevin Gosschalk, as their fearless leader, they journeyed into the depths of the Metaverse to thwart bad bots and fight digital crime. Along the way, they encountered many challenges, mysterious characters, and shadowy streets, but with their robust proprietary solution, Arkose Protect, they were able to vanquish attackers while securing the business—from eCommerce to banking to telecommunications and travel—in every part of the world. 

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The Mission of Arkose Labs

Our virtual Town Hall event was not only a great success in terms of protecting the Metaverse from bad actors, but it also reinforced a strong feeling of camaraderie among Arkose Labs’ employees. As teams of colorful avatars worked together to rid the virtual world of malicious attackers, they began to form lasting professional bonds to one another. It was clear that their innovative solutions and avid teamwork would lead to even better digital security for all in the new year—and far into the foreseeable future. 

In past years, Arkose Labs’ employees have rallied around compelling, powerhouse themes like Mission Impossible, Enforce Awakens, and Arkosian Assemble, with every Arkosian appearing for duty in the form of spies, Star Wars characters, and superheroes—whatever it takes to win the fight against dangerous and pervasive bots. 

So, what is this year’s call to action? IMPACT.

When not out fighting virtual crime, executives presented a future road map for the company while also providing a high-level summary of all the things that went well in 2022. The theme of IMPACT applied to many aspects of the marketplace, as Arkose Labs is now poised to IMPACT:

  • automated bot and human attacks
  • all kinds of digital fraud
  • security goals for the future
  • the business success of our customers
  • long term savings and better ROI for the business
  • the larger digital attack landscape

By the end of the two-day event, Arkose Labs employees had rid the virtual world of malicious attackers and secured websites around the globe—forever. As the team said their goodbyes and departed from their personal avatars, they all felt a sense of accomplishment. They had worked together to protect the digital landscape, to learn more about the future of the business, and in the process, had formed a strong bond of friendship and trust. 

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IMPACT Leads to Results

The Town Hall event was a great success in more ways than one. Not only did Arkose Labs employees secure the digital world from attack and abuse, but they also created a strong sense of camaraderie that would lead to even better digital solutions down the road—ones that lead to more cost savings and better ROI for the business. 

The Town Hall 2023 event was the perfect way to unite Arkosians around the goals of online integrity and protection. Throughout the year, we refer back to these Town Hall events to reconnect with our mission statement and reinforce the power of our critical message. As this year progresses, the idea of IMPACT will never stray far from mind or practice. 

At the end of the two-day pow-wow, employees gathered around the virtual campfire, sharing stories of their cyber-exploits and toasting to the success of the mission. It was a night that none of them would ever forget, and it was all thanks to the brave leadership of Kevin Gosschalk.

Want to know how our Town Hall adventure ended? You’ll have to enter the Metaverse and see for yourself … if you dare!

Arkose Labs Has IMPACT

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