Salt Takes Gold in Best in Biz Awards!

We just raked in our 11th award of the year, earning Gold status as the top winner in the “Best Enterprise Product – Security Software” category of the  Best in Biz Awards. What sets apart the Best in Biz Awards is that they’re the only business awards program judged by independent panels of top reporters and editors.

As a former journalist myself who judged many competitions for years, I know how cynical reporters can be, making them a tough audience to win over. The seasoned judges in the Best in Biz Awards panels represent the best in the business, hailing from the most notable publications in North America including Businessweek, Wall Street Journal, CNET, Associated Press, Wired, and other hallmark titles.

Earning high standing in this crowd  – coming in at first place, no less! – for enterprise security software testifies to the combination of innovative technology from Salt and critical business needs of the industry. The Best in Biz Awards receives hundreds of entries from companies all across the U.S. and Canada – winning Gold really means a lot to us.

Why is API security and Salt in particular garnering such attention? Because APIs are everywhere, and they’re essentially superhighways for a company’s most valuable data and services. That reality makes them a very attractive and lucrative target for bad actors. And these attackers are doing something very interesting – they’re actually attacking differently when APIs are the target, leaving enterprises completely exposed because the current security stack can’t detect these new styles of attack.

When someone hacks via APIs, the attacks take longer. To attack your APIs, a bad actor first has to understand them. It can take days or weeks for someone poking around your APIs to find a vulnerability that would allow for account takeover (ATO), data exfiltration, or other mayhem. Will someone really do that, spend days or weeks manipulating your APIs? Yes! Because it’s worth it! These bad actors understand the reward for all this effort can be so high – getting at your and your customers’ critical and sensitive data.

API security is such a big deal that the industry has seen dozens of companies – from startups to incumbents – chasing after this market. This award acknowledges that API security solutions are not all the same. Even more crucial is for buyers of this technology to recognize the differences across solutions – failing to do so keeps organizations at risk.  

The first easy cut is to understand that existing technologies, such as WAFs or API gateways, provide minimal help with API security. In fact, they fail to address a whopping 90% of the API security vulnerabilities outlined in the OWASP API Security Top 10 list. The harder cut is to understand how purpose-built API security solutions differ.

  • Focused just on shift left? You’ll never get to perfect code, so you’re exposed at runtime.
  • Relying on embedding into code? You’re putting security’s destiny in developers’ hands.
  • Built to support on-prem deployments? You’ll never have enough data to see today’s API attacks in the wild, which unfold over days and weeks.

We’d love to share the unique capabilities of the Salt platform and how we might be able to help you protect your critical assets. Salt pioneered API security and remains the industry leader, with a proven record of success. Our customers include leading financial services, insurance, eCommerce/retail, pharmaceutical, and digital services companies. To learn more, please contact us, or sign up for a customized demo with one of our API security experts.

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