Poland is getting ready for the upcoming Presidential elections in August 2023 amidst a turbulent geopolitical and economic environment. The war in Ukraine has placed the country in the epicenter of the events, becoming home to more than 3.5 million refugees. The unprecedented energy crisis with prices soaring every day threaten to destabilize local economy. Besides those two important factors, cyber threats are also shaping the future of Poland.

Cyjax has developed a thorough report providing insights and assessment on the cyber posture of Poland ahead of the 2023 elections. “With the importance of Poland strategically, as a developed market, and tactically through its economic and geographic position within the EU, we felt it was vital to provide people employed in and travelling to the country a holistic understanding of the risks posed by Cybercriminals towards them,” says Chris Spinks, Head of Operations at Cyjax. Following a thorough analysis of all the risk factors, the Cyjax team assesses that “the cyber risk to the Polish elections and to staff working in the country is Medium.”

Background information

The Polish National Cyber Security Strategy (2019-2024) aims at “Increasing the level of resilience to cyber threats and protection of information in the public, military and private sectors, as well as promoting knowledge and good practices to enable the citizens to better protect information.” The Strategy details four objectives, namely:

  1. Development of the national cybersecurity system.
  2. Increasing the level of resilience of information systems of the public administration and private sector, and achieving the capacity to effectively prevent and respond to incidents.
  3. Increasing the national capacity in the area of cybersecurity technology.
  4. Building a strong international position of the Republic of Poland in the area of cybersecurity.

Poland is also a signatory to the Cybercrime Convention of the Council (Read more...)