Zero Day, Zero Trouble with BlackFog

The Challenge

The financial sector is heavily regulated, and as such, protecting data is a key concern for organizations in this space. With cyberthreats against all industries increasing, and cybercriminals becoming more skilled with targeted campaigns, Thomas Fisher, IT Infrastructure Manager at Channel Capital Advisors is always focused on staying one step ahead.

Thomas commented, “I’d say our biggest cybersecurity concern is zero-day threats which are really difficult to predict in the constantly changing threat landscape. We have a robust security stack in place but what happens if you can’t respond in time? It’s important to us that we have industry leading tools in place to prevent these threats.

Channel provides a SaaS product and we need to ensure that it is a robust and secure. Another big challenge for us is making sure the user account is secure as that’s typically the easiest point of entry, mitigating that risk is critical for us.”

The Solution

Channel required a solution that would automatically block threats, including zero day, 24/7. They also needed a solution that would protect user data to eliminate the risk of profiling.

“For us, protecting user information is an important part of our cybersecurity defense. Profiling is a very real threat and we wanted a solution that would restrict the collection of our user data as this ultimately stops bad actors from guessing passwords, sending malware, etc. Profiling is great for marketers but not so great for security,” commented Thomas.

The Approach

Channel was introduced to BlackFog via a board member when they were in the market to bolster their cybersecurity defense. The company had some new challenges due to Covid such as securing remote employees and onboarding new team members remotely, so they wanted to add an on-device solution to secure those user devices.

Thomas commented, “we looked at different tools like Cisco DNS protection services but we didn’t want to monitor people, we just wanted to stop bad actors and block unwanted content. BlackFog ticked that box, it was light touch and provided meaningful impact, it didn’t require a lot of intervention from us. It prevented threats and secured our data without a lot of user interaction, BlackFog was a win for us as the day-to-day management is simple.”

The Results

After trialling BlackFog Channel decided to purchase it and deploy it across all company devices, as BlackFog’s ADX technology was able to prevent zero-day attacks and prevent profiling, ensuring no unauthorized data exfiltration was occurring. “Adding BlackFog to our security stack has helped us to work more efficiently. It takes action when it finds a threat, its monitoring attachments, cookies and malicious links 24/7, taking away the worry that we’ll miss a threat if a user was to click on a malicious link for example”, commented Thomas. 

When asked if they would recommend BlackFog to other organizations, Thomas commented, “you need to think about your threat landscape, if your users and their credentials pose a risk, BlackFog is a solution that will reduce access to credentials. Your employees are likely remote, shopping online, browsing news sites, etc. In a typical environment they are sharing that info with everyone. BlackFog reduces that risk and prevents that data from being shared or leaked which helps stop bad actors from gaining access to your systems. BlackFog is an easy to roll out, low touch solution which offers 24/7 protection. Cyberattacks are getting more advanced and many begin with profiling. BlackFog protects us and our users so it’s a win win for Capital.”

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