The Business Case for ITDR

In March of this year, Gartner predicted that Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) would be one of the top 3 trends to watch out for in 2022, and depicted it in a reference architecture as a key component of a modern identity fabric just this week. VeriClouds applauds this recognition and agrees that the need and value of ITDR has grown exponentially in recent years. VeriClouds  pioneered the foundations of ITDR since 2016 when the team saw the future and opportunity to stop preventable data breaches when its patented CredVerify technology was integrated into the major IAM platforms of the world.

The industry seems to have caught on to the need to create a security vocabulary, and integrate a security model into their identity and access management (IAM) controls to proactively detect and mitigate threats. However, a problem facing most IAM solutions is that it is difficult to detect and prevent the use of compromised credentials, and the adoption of 2FA and MFA solutions is perilously low. That is where integrated ITDR comes into the picture, and not only enhances security controls but complements MFA and passwordless solutions already in place.

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The VeriClouds framework for ITDR has privacy by design, restful API integrations, and patented credential verification technology.

What is ITDR?

VeriClouds designed the world’s safest and most secure ITDR at a time when its nearest competitors provided dark web research and vast dumps of leaked credentials -in raw form no less- to its customers which included major social media platforms. VeriClouds has explained all along that integrations and automation was the key to safety and protection. VeriClouds ITDR has always been a set of modular capabilities that include scripts for automated data collection, mining, analytics, masking, encryption, continuous monitoring and notification.

VeriClouds is hosting a webinar to share its POV on ITDR. The topics that will be covered include:

  • Why ITDR is a top priority for CISOs in 2022 and beyond
  • The killer feature every ITDR MUST have
  • Scaling ITDR to major IAM platforms and identity providers
  • Closing the gap between visibility and mitigation
  • The compelling business case and ROI for ITDR
  • The market opportunity for security solutions integrators

Hear VeriClouds founder and CEO, Stan Bounev, and SecZetta’s Chief Product Officer, Richard Bird AKA “The guy with the bowtie” discuss how organizations should be thinking about and acting on ITDR with more urgency.

This event will be moderated by Steve Tout. We will accept questions from the audience in the last 15 minutes of the hour.

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All are welcome and can register here


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