Power Utilization Percentage and ServiceNow CMDB Sync Integration

Product Update: Version 3.8

In this product update, we’ve made enhancements to the ServiceNow CMDB Sync integration and to Power Utilization. We also have a free utility available to manage TLS Certificates. Plus, we’ve made several improvements to the user interface along with bug fixes.

ServiceNow CMDB Sync
snow CMDB syync work orders B screenshot

ServiceNow CMDB Sync Integration

ServiceNow CMDB Sync schedule and report are now available in the Work Orders section of the Hyperview platform.

floorplan power use percent
dc power use percent screenshot
rack power use percent screenshot

View Power Utilization Percentage

Rack Power Utilization percentage has been added as a visualization option in the 2D and 3D layout view, and under Information -> Sensors.

TLS Certificate

Free TLS Cert Checker

During a chat last week with a potential customer, they voiced their issue managing TLS certificate expirations with their current DCIM provider. While this is not available in the Hyperview platform, the pain is real and the ask is not too big. With that in mind, our team went ahead and created a free utility to help solve the issue. TLS Cert Checker is available in our GitHub.

Other Notable Improvements

  • SVG background image support has been improved in 3D layouts
  • Serial Number matching algorithm has been improved
  • Location picker improvements across the product
  • Advanced Grids have been improved to deal better with browser disconnections and timeouts
  • A new analyzer was added to automatically calculate the power utilization percentage for racks and locations
  • The Rack Space KPIs dashboard widget has been improved to work better on small screens
  • Improved multi-rack layout view to page data properly on high-resolution screens with large zoom levels
  • Improved Dell iDRAC SNMP definitions to support power consumption sensors

Bug Fixes

  • AS-11969 Unable to clear some asset properties after setting them to null
  • AS-11555 Certain conditions can cause the Linux Data Collector update script to ignore errors
  • AS-11772 Firmware installations data grid does not match partial IP addresses consistently

For further details about the release, including API changes and notable bug fixes,  please refer to the Hyperview release notes.

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