Frontline Web Application Penetration Testing (WAPT) Datasheet

Frontline Web Application Penetration Testing (WAPT)


Digital Defense understands web-based applications reduce costs and improve end user experience for today’s companies. While some of these web-based offerings are robust and secure, others introduce a wide range of vulnerabilities. Most companies utilizing these applications struggle to tell the difference between the two. With that in mind, Digital Defense offers a Web Application Penetration Test to ensure these applications do not introduce unforeseen vulnerabilities and place corporate or customer data at risk.


The Digital Defense Web Application Penetration Test (WAPT) examines internally developed web applications, and those purchased from third parties, to identify and expose potential vulnerabilities.


More than a simple software scan for web application vulnerabilities, Digital Defense WAPT utilizes a variety of sophisticated and automated software  tools to detect issues such as:
• SQL insertion
• Improper character filtering
• Cross-site scripting
• Buffer overflows
• and numerous others

Certified Digital Defense security analysts then test the application utilizing specialized techniques and intensive tactics not necessarily replicable by
software-based assessment systems. The security analysts also expose the web application to attack scenarios common to those experienced in a “real
world” setting.

WAPT Reporting

The Digital Defense security analyst concludes the testing process by documenting the findings of the exhaustive evaluation.  Additionally, the security analyst documents remediation steps to be utilized by the company, or the company’s third-party vendor, to remediate any discovered issues.  Reports are delivered to the client in digital format via Digital Defense’s secure, centralized, online report repository in Frontline.Cloud.

Digital Defense Web Application Penetration

Test allows organizations to:

• Leverage Digital Defense’s technical expertise, world-class customer service, and support

• Focus on core business functions to save time, money, and effort by reducing the administrative burden and tedium of performing vulnerability scans with complicated tools or unmanaged open source solutions

• Demonstrate commitment to information security with comprehensive reporting on the security posture of web enabled applications

• Detect possible security vulnerabilities and respond quickly with actions based on pre-defined security policies

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