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If I’m compliant, why don’t I feel more secure?

It is easy to confuse compliance with security. But regulations are by necessity backward-looking, addressing the needs of yesterday’s business environment. How
does a business maintain their compliance while maintaining vigilance to current information security threats?

Frontline PCI-Pro Bolsters Security Beyond Compliance

Frontline PCI-Pro combines the comprehensive service suite of Digital Defense’s Frontline Pro™ subscription with our managed PCI compliance services. Digital
Defense, as a certified PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) was the first vendor to approach PCI compliance as a managed service. Now we take this one-step
further to offer full vulnerability management as a part of PCI-Pro through a tiered approach. Instead of running scan after scan on an enterprise with a “fail until you pass” mindset to compliance, with PCI-Pro we approach compliance as the top tier of a multi-layered pyramid involving comprehensive vulnerability assessment and
remediation management as the other two layers along with PCI Compliance Assessment.

The first tier focuses on comprehensive Vulnerability Assessments, which include:

• External and Internal Vulnerability Scanning
• Robust Technical and Executive Reporting
• Vulnerability Workflow Management
• Trend and Activity Reporting

The second tier focuses on remediation management and addressing the identified
vulnerabilities in a systematic, efficient and cost-effective manner. This tier includes:

• Access to a Personal Security Analyst
• Remediation Prioritization and Assignment
• Custom Management Reporting
• Enterprise-wide assessment of Vulnerability Remediation progress

The final tier focuses on taking the results of the first two tiers and producing the reports necessary to document successful completion of the PCI DSS testing. This includes necessary follow-on scanning to substantiate progress against eliminating previously discovered vulnerabilities.

Frontline PCI-Pro allows organizations to:

Focus on core business functions to save time, money, and effort by reducing the administrative burden and tedium of performing vulnerability scans with complicated tools or undamaged open source solutions

Demonstrate your commitment to information security with comprehensive reporting on the security posture of your network

Leverage Digital Defense technical expertise and world-class customer service and support

Achieve compliance with PCI DSS Private Employee Information

Detect possible security vulnerabilities and respond quickly with actions based on your predefined security policies

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