Celebrating Sonatypers


After we unveiled our values at the beginning of 2022, we were faced with a challenge: how do we make sure they truly become part of the day-to-day culture at Sonatype? 

Once again, we found our answer through a cross-functional group of volunteers and it wasn’t long before we had found our solution and built the infrastructure of the Values Champion program.

The Values Champion initiative is a peer-nominated, peer-selected program designed to celebrate employees who holistically live up to Sonatype’s Core Values:


Read more about our values here.

How it works
The rotating Selection Committee is staffed by volunteers chosen on a first-come, first-serve basis. We keep a rolling list of volunteers who want to serve each quarter, with one representative from each department. There is a final Facilitator role (myself) who does not have voting power but supports the Selection Committee by running meetings, anonymizing submissions, and more.

The nomination form is composed of questions that help the Selection Committee understand what the nominee did, why it was exceptional, what the impact was, and how it applies to our Core Values. Anyone can nominate anyone.

Once the submission period has closed, the Selection Committee reviews the anonymized submissions and comes together to discuss them. This is where having a cross-functional group is extremely important: representation from each department allows Selection Committee members to advocate and provide context as to why a certain nomination is exceptional. Selection Committee members have the opportunity to debate and make a case for the nominations they feel the most strongly about and then it goes to a vote.

Each Selection Committee member has 6 votes to distribute as they wish. For example, they may choose to give all 6 votes to one nomination, to split their votes evenly between multiple nominations, (Read more...)

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