With the massive increase in mobile device sales worldwide, it is easy to imagine that the number of people using the internet while travelling has also increased significantly in recent years. With this growth in online activity comes a greater risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime. There are a number of steps that travellers can take to protect themselves from becoming targets of cybercrime. Here are 10 tips for staying cyber safe while travelling.

1.  Keep your device with you

When travelling, it’s important to keep your devices with you at all times. This includes your laptop, smartphone, tablet and any other devices that contain sensitive information. If possible, keep them in a carry-on bag or on your person rather than checked luggage.

Don’t leave your devices unattended in public places, and be especially careful in crowded areas like airports and coffee shops. If you must leave your device behind, make sure it’s in a secure location where it can’t be tampered with or stolen. Most hotels have a safe that is usually large enough to accommodate most laptops. If you are renting an apartment, be sure to keep your mobile devices out of plain view.

2.  Use a VPN

You should use a personal Virtual Private Network (VPN) as a matter of course, no matter whether you’re travelling or at home, but it is especially important to use one while travelling. A VPN encrypts your internet traffic, making it much more difficult for criminals to intercept your data. This is most important if you’re using public Wi-Fi, which is often unsecured and easy for hackers to exploit.

There are many VPN providers available, so do some research to find one that’s right for you. They work on all devices and there are VPNs for (Read more...)