Taking Gold Again – Showing our Staying Power

Wow – Salt Security just took the gold award for Hot Company of the Year in the 2022 Information Technology World Awards®. Taking the prize for Hot Company of the Year is an amazing reflection of our leadership in this Hot Product Category of the Year called API Security. It feels so good to come out on top – again!

This award doesn’t simply recognize our leading technology – it celebrates the community behind it. Our team relentlessly drives the market forward, delivering the simplest, most comprehensive and most effective API security solution to protect companies’ most critical data and services. We worry about API security so companies can focus on innovating. With us standing watch, organizations can drive forward with their own business success.

We’ve had many occasions to celebrate having created this market, our technology leadership, and our customer dominance. Now, five years after first telling the market to pay attention to API security, here we are winning Hot Company of the Year. More than anything, this award highlights our staying power. We’ve stayed on top by focusing on:

  • Delivering unique technological innovation
  • Exceeding customer requirements
  • Building a strong company culture

Unique technology

Only Salt Security has a patented approach to API security. Despite an extensive roster of followers, we remain the only API security solution that applies a cloud-scale big data architecture to the problem.  Traditional tools, as well as VM- or server-based API solutions, simply cannot capture the context needed to detect API attacks, which unfold over days and weeks. Trying to do that all in a VM will never work – you simply don’t have enough data, analyzed in real time by our mature ML and AI algorithms, to pinpoint API attackers. If you are attending the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, don’t miss us! Our CEO Roey Eliyahu will demonstrate the Salt solution in the first-ever Gartner® API Security Show Floor Showdown!

Customer requirements

Protecting our customers’ sensitive information is our top priority. We bring customers peace of mind so that they can continue to innovate – without worrying about API security gaps that could leave them vulnerable to attacks. Customers, like bp Launchpad, have chosen the Salt Security API Protection Platform because we empower them to move forward with their modernization and digitalization initiatives. bp Launchpad’s sustainable energy startups rely on APIs as the foundation for their applications. By standardizing on Salt Security, bp Launchpad can ensure their safety from API breaches and threats – so they can focus on developing and bringing their clean energy offerings to market quickly and safely.

Company culture

We all know that culture defines a company.  Personally, this is my eighth startup – I’ve seen a LOT of different cultures. Here at Salt, we are building an inclusive, global company. We are creating a workplace that ensures equity, equality, and work-life balance. We take those freedoms very seriously at Salt. Our employees represent the ‘power’ in our staying power, and we value the efforts that they make every single day to drive success for our customers.

Our team listens actively, moves fast, and delivers quality. As a fast-growing startup, you always need to look forward. You must focus on what’s coming down the road and plan not just for the next two quarters but the two quarters beyond that, and the two after that, and so on. But there are also times when you need to pause,  take a breath, and acknowledge what the team has accomplished. Today is one of those times.

We’re grateful for the recognition, for being five years out of the gate and still the hottest company around. We’d love to share more with you about Salt Security and our API security solution. In addition to the Gartner Summit, we are also exhibiting at the upcoming RSA Conference in San Francisco and Infosecurity Europe in London later next month. You can also contact us here. We’d love to hear from you!

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