The great thing about working in the world of cybersecurity is that there’s always something new. You may think you’ve seen it all, and then something comes along that completely surprises you.

And that’s certainly true of the GoodWill ransomware, which security firm CloudSEK described this week.

In fact, the GoodWill ransomware stands out so much from the crowd that you might be forgiven for thinking that it is an April Fool’s joke that has somehow broken out at the wrong time of year.

Because the GoodWill ransomware isn’t interested in extorting money from you. It wants you to do something good for the world.

Like most other ransomware, GoodWill encrypts the usual file types – documents, databases, photographs, and videos – locking away your content.

But rather than demand thousands of pounds worth of cryptocurrency in exchange for the decryption key, the GoodWill ransomware wants you to do something good for the world (and provide some video proof):

Our Aim The word “GoodWill” means to show kindness Story:- Team GoodWill is not hungry of Money and Wealth but kindness. We want to make every person on the planet to be kind and wants to give them a hard lesson to always help poor and needy people. So, all our victims need to be gentle and kind to get their files back. We know that you are very excited for the play. Take Deep breath and look all around for those who needs help? You! No way, the only way to help yourself is to help others hope you understand

In a multi-page ransom note, the GoodWill ransomware tells you to perform three acts of goodwill.

The first request is for you to donate new clothes and blankets to the homeless. Victims are told to make a video of them (Read more...)