In the past, I’ve written about digital privacy and how much data we leak through our day to day interactions. I think this is an important topic to consider and really focus on and it is an element of cybersecurity at both the enterprise and personal level that isn’t discussed enough. One of the reasons is that demonstrating this can definitely have elements of “being creepy.” With software vulnerabilities, we can obtain the software ourselves and demonstrate the vulnerability. That’s more difficult to do with privacy related information as anyone who could consent is someone that you likely know a lot about already.

One exception to this is a YouTuber that my wife and I enjoy watching on the channel GeoWizard. Much of what happens on that channel is tied to the web-based game Geoguessr. Another aspect of the channel, however, is the Geo Detective series of videos where GeoWizard is sent images from fans and attempts to use background clues to identify exactly where they were in the world when the photo was taken. My wife and I will often play along, pausing the video after the image is shown and timing ourselves finding the location, then we’ll watch how GeoWizard approaches the problem and eventually find out if we were correct.

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My wife and I have taken this game and expanded it, applying it to photos and videos posted by celebrities and influencers. It is definitely a weird way to pass the time, but we’re both really passionate about learning new things and you learn a ton when you’re trying to place where an image was taken. In the past, we have successfully identified locations visited by several of our favourite content creators.

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