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Cyber Security is an extremely crowded space, with more than 1,000 companies raising $29.5 billion in 2021.  There is no shortage of problems to be solved in cyber security as exemplified by the sheer number of companies and capital being invested, and SaaS security has become one of the most difficult and pressing problems CISOs struggle with today.  Due to the decentralized nature of SaaS acquisition, it has become impossible to monitor and control SaaS usage without draconian security policies.  

Modern CISOs are commercially-focused, and they are increasingly partnering with business line managers, which is in stark contrast to the past when security was viewed as a business inhibitor. Therefore, understanding who and what SaaS applications are used in an enterprise is a foundational component of modern cybersecurity.  The products on the market today only solve a part of the problem because they were born in the age of physical networks, managed devices, and a limited number of SaaS applications.  The world is different today, making these solutions incomplete.  Workers are remote, they use any device they want, and they have access to new SaaS applications every day.

Grip Security has solved the SaaS security problem with a platform that can secure all SaaS applications (sanctioned and unsanctioned), delivers security and economic value (clear ROI), and works across every device (managed or unmanaged).  It can even identify former employees who still have access to SaaS applications and zombie SaaS applications, those that are no longer used but still have active logins or company data.  Many companies are solving one part of the problem, and only Grip Security solves the problem completely.  

In many ways, SaaS security has lost sight of its true north with solutions that are complex to deploy, difficult to use, and provide noise that security teams must filter out to gain actionable insights.  CASBs are a great example of this.  A fast deployment is measured in months and they generate a huge volume of data that analysts must process to assess risk and take action.  Aside from not having to buy and deploy software, buying a CASB and getting it up and running today feels a lot like 1999.  

Redefining the SaaS Security Landscape

Grip Security started with the question, “Why does SaaS security have to be complex?”  Our conclusion was that it does not.  By rethinking the problem and shedding archaic assumptions about how security should work, we are redefining the SaaS security landscape by delivering not only better security but also a solution that does not require hundreds of hours of professional services and months of training.  We probably have the shortest “time to wow” in cybersecurity today.  If you purchase the Grip Security Platform today, you can start using it and seeing value the same day. 

Having worked at multiple cyber security unicorns such as Arctic Wolf and Menlo Security, I know it takes more than just vision to build a great, lasting company.  You need founders who are able to build great technology and also focused on building the business.  You need seasoned investors who are willing to back the company financially until it can scale.  And you need a group of industry veterans who are able to provide guidance and counseling to help the company navigate the journey.  

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The reason I joined Grip Security is because it has all of these things and more. I am investing the most valuable resource that I have, my time and energy, because I believe we have an innovation that will transform the industry.  The solution is both technically groundbreaking and easy to deploy, literally in minutes, and requires no endpoint agents or network appliances. If you want to learn more about Grip Security, just reach out.  I am happy to tell you more.  Like many companies, we are hiring like crazy, and we are looking for great people.  CISOs are some of the most critical people, but I have heard from  more than one CISO provide the feedback “Your solution works like magic!”  And that is the strongest form of validation you can get as a cybersecurity startup.

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