We’re in Good Company as a TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor!

You know that you are in good company when you’ve been named a TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor! Past cyber security recipients have included, among others, Fortinet, Proofpoint, and SentinelOne. As Distinguished Vendors, these companies represent the cream of the crop in their respective areas. We are honored to be similarly acknowledged for our innovative, industry-first API security platform.

When Roey Eliyahu and Michael Nicosia founded Salt Security in 2016, they recognized the importance of API security for businesses. At a time when most companies were just starting their digital transformation journeys, they already foresaw that API usage would grow exponentially along with these modernization efforts. They also knew that existing security tools would not be able to adequately protect them.

In my journey at Salt Security, I have personally witnessed an increasing understanding about the need for API protection. Our recent CISO panel at our API Security Summit highlighted how CISO thinking has evolved. Security leaders today “get” why WAFs and API gateways aren’t enough and why they need dedicated API security. More importantly, our unique architecture, rooted in cloud-scale big data with AI and ML to identify even the most subtle API attacks, has earned us an impressive roster of Fortune and Global 500 customers. Our recent $140 million Series D funding round – led by CapitalG and joined by all of our previous investors – provides additional external validation of our leadership in this market.

APIs are crucial to digitalization. They provide the foundation for every online and mobile application – transporting all of the data that makes these applications operate so conveniently – for consumers and businesses alike. Without APIs, there would be no mobile banking, online shopping, third-party payment apps like Apple Pay or Venmo, travel booking comparison sites like Travelocity or Expedia, and the list goes on and on.

Being named a TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor reflects the position Salt Security holds as the leader in API Security. Salt Security delivers the most robust and most proven API security platform available in the market. We’re proud that so many customers rely on the Salt API Protection Platform to ensure the safety of their and their customers’ most vital data from cyber threats.  

We thank Ed Amoroso and the team at TAG Cyber for recognizing Salt Security and our award-winning technology. If you want to learn how Salt Security can secure and protect your organization’s APIs, contact us today, or sign up for a personalized demo.

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