In this episode, Lisa Forte, partner at Red Goat Cybersecurity, discusses what happens when organizations go unprepared for an inevitable cyber breach. She explains how practicing your breach plan is the best line of defense in preparing your strategy.


Every cybersecurity practitioner dreads that moment when they realize that a breach has actually occurred in their organization, their data has been copied or encrypted, or they receive a phone call from a third party notifying them that their data has been found available for sale somewhere online. Fortunately, there are companies that can help to lessen these horrible occurrences. Lisa Forte is a partner at Red Goat Cyber Security, which specializes in handling the moment that most of us dread and try to avoid. 

Tim Erlin: Lisa, tell us about some of what you and the other members of Red Goat can do to help a business not only to prevent but to also recover from such dire situations.

Lisa Forte: Yes, this is my area of expertise. I have seen C-Level executives panic and bury their heads in their hands as I run scenarios for them to test their plans and their teamwork during a crisis.

TE: What does an incident such as a breach look like for an unprepared organization? What’s likely the first thing that happens with that type of an organization when a breach occurs?

LF: I’ve actually found that the more unprepared an organization is, the more tempted they are to lie or try and conceal what’s happening. It’s really interesting; if you run a scenario with a company that’s done no preparation whatsoever, they go to an immediate knee-jerk reaction. For example, an unprepared (Read more...)